It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way, at least that is what my ego would endeavor to convince me.  I was supposed to be promoted into a management position, which I naively thought was synonymous with leadership at the time.  My marriage was supposed to be thriving with children perhaps on the horizon and talk of a larger home on some wooded acreage to live out a version of the American Dream.  But I know better now after having started down this path 12 years ago with a project entitled “Daily Log Y2K”, which ironically began on this very date January 7, 2000.  Or did the path begin prior to that point in time?  Was it the sweat lodge I participated in January 22, 1997 or was it backpacking through the Smoky Mountains in Spring 1994, or perhaps before that even as I wandered the forest of Wyoming County seeking a connection to the Divine over a period of years serving as a catalyst for my choice of academic study in ecology?  Perhaps I will never know the beginning point, for there truly is no beginning or end on a spiritual journey.

I’m sitting on the sofa in my living room as my soon-to-be ex-wife whips up a smoothie complaining that the blender isn’t powerful enough to blend all the ingredients to the proper consistency, “It’s so annoying!” she exhorts.  In challenge I quipped, “Just think of the starving children drinking from polluted streams and eating bugs from the ground, how annoying is that?”  She could only respond with name-calling, “You’re a freak!”  Something she’s done often throughout a tumultuous 4 year relationship. 

Yes many major things coming to an end as we kick off a much anticipated 2012.   In addition to my marriage facing imminent dissolution, I was terminated from my job for violating the organization’s External Communication Policy.  Despite asking the editor of a magazine for which I was interviewed and quoted to remove the college’s name, they proceeded with termination by executive decree.  I had been warned for a post in a popular social media site several months back regarding the recent re-authorization of the original 1965 Higher Education Act., wherein changes to compensation eliminating “safe harbors” as it applies to enrollment incentives tied to Title IV Federal Aid had been construed as a trangression upon proprietary disclosures.  As with all conjecture and postulating there is latitude for interpretation.  Despite being a top performer over the last several years in terms of sales targets and customer satisfaction, I was shown to be dispensable and expendable.

The night before learning of their decision to I had visited an old friend to perform some manscaping services (I got a Brazlian and must say it was quite an experience).  Following the removal of hair from my man parts we visited and chatted over a glass of wine and some exquisite hot pepper and tuffle cheese.  In sharing some thoughts openly Sandy felt called to pass along a copy of a book her brother Joel had published some years ago- The Second Coming– in which he interviewed a fellow who claimed to channel the consciousness of Archangel Gabriel.  The timing was quite synchronous as I immediately dove into the text after exiting the office with a box full of sundries from my now vacant cubicle.  It is a re-assuring message from Infinite Intelligence that all is in order despite this unforeseen upheaval in my life.

I am no stranger to being terminated from jobs.  While watching the hockey game last night with my brother I reflected back and counted 6 total incidences throughout a 14-year period.  The first time was shortly after completing my Bachelor degree at SUNY-ESF and at the time I’d been living with my parents affording me an opportunity to stash some cash in the bank.  I took a solo trip out to the Pacific Northwest for 10 days visiting friends in Seattle and migrating north to Vancouver for a few nights.  I was reading the book My Ishmael at the time and the insights were penetrating deeply into my consciousness.  Upon return from that trip, in part a scouting mission as I pondered relocation to the region, I was irrevocably transformed.  There would be more of such excursions, or sabbaticals, to come in my life… 

And so today the unfurling vision is to attend a General Assembly for the local OWS chapter, Occupy Buffalo, and get a first-hand glimpse into what it is they’re working toward as the 99%.  I have no intentions for pitching a tent or hoisting a sign in protest or preaching to the choir.  I’m going to participate as open a vessel as I can be allowing anything I have to share to come through me from a broad, general, lawful and logical intention.  I’ve been curious of the movement  since its inception back in September and in light of recent dismantling in my life that curiosity is heightened.  I’m attached to the group being focused on creating a new and improved model for society based on unity rather than the prevailing model of duality in separation, although much of what I see from the sidelines portends of separation within and among those who call themselves “occupants.”  Red solo cup…proceed to party!

In Commonwealth,