I arrived home just about a half hour ago following a several hour tour with my good friend and prospective business partner Steve.  I’m feeling exhausted as the day began somewhat groggy including a headache and tentative plans to join another friend for dinner have been tabled.  All in all it was a great day beginning with lunch at O3 Cafe, a chic joint nestled in the heart of the Elmwood Village, followed by visiting new clients in Kenmore, Affinity Salon & Spa, and Swormville, Stockman’s Tavern & Grove.  We wrapped up the day discussing a potential partnership over a double order of hot Duff’s Famous Wings and pints of PBR.  If I come aboard I’d be groomed for district manager of western New York State, straight commissions with corporate support from the local team.  We have some paperwork to review via email in the morning and so I can “sleep” on it.  Seeing as I’ve got little else going right now and I dig the synergy with Steve it’s a nothing ventured, nothing gained scenario from my perspective.

My wife is at yoga class and UPS just delivered the remainder of items in a tidy box compliments of my ex-employer.  I can’t say I miss the artificial light, poorly ventilated space and narrow confines of cubicle land, although I do miss my students, at least those I’m not connected with via social media.  Yet here I am in this new unchartered territory once again thrust into the unknown and realizing the territory is not so unfamiliar after all.  I’ve been here before, although never with a spouse or a house, not even a louse.  Sorry, just had to complete the alliteration.   I think I’ll keep today’s entry brief as my brain is turning to mush.  Sweet dreams and stay thirsty my friends.

Change is inevitable, struggle is optional.

In common wealth,