Yesterday turned out to be quite the course of events beginning with a most empowering and inspiring gathering downtown in the Geodesic Dome for a teach-in lead by twin sisters Laura and Sarah, and concluded with several pints of micro-draft at Buffalo Brewpub in the suburbs.  I ended up crashing at my brother’s place on his leather sofa and awoke surprisingly without any vestiges of the evening’s repast.  After a trip to the grocery store I hopped online to catch up on emails and now making another entry in this unfolding saga that is the Daily Log 2012.

The teach-in was a pleasant gathering of the cherubic avant garde, an eclectic blend indeed, seated inside the dome on a bitter cold winter afternoon.  Laura and Sarah sparked a most engaging interactive dialogue amongst those present including sharing of very personal matters.  I talked about the stabbing incident I endured back in college and how coming to the practice of self-responsibility over a decade ago awakened my understanding of how we create the circumstances of our lives with every thought, feeling and choice.  In so doing, an intensely transformative process ensued that continues to this day, and while I’ve strayed from the practice at various intervals, I have of late been practicing deeply with focus.  All the changes taking place in the world of form around me are simply a reflection of the re-organization and sorting taking place in my soul.  As within so without.

At the pub I joined my brother, cousin and a couple others including a friend I hadn’t seen in years, although we’ve kept in limited contact via social media.  It just so happened she had a night off from the kids and was looking to get out of the house.  Many laughs were had over various brews that appeased the taste buds.  At one point a patron overheard my remarks on the unconstitutional formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 and he couldn’t help but comment that he agreed with my position.  That lead to an hour long conversation ranging from our mutual support of Ron Paul for the presidency to volatile topics like abortion, homosexuality and government conspiracy.  I observed and remarked at one point that we were diving into topics which typically lead to an argument; however, nothing of the sort occured despite some minor disagreements on such issues.  It was a fine example of how collective responsibility flows naturally when one is practicing self-responsibility.  There was no need or desire for me to prove I’m right or defend a position, rather I was enjoying the exchange of energy, even in moments of dissonance.

After I wrap up this entry a hot shower is in order.  There’s a talking circle this afternoon I’d like to attend before migrating to my sister’s place to watch football.  I’m working on a financial statement to share with my wife as we pursue a no-contest divorce proceeding.  I think I’ll be setting up shop at the beach house as well whilst we work out the details.  She wants to try and keep the house if she can swing the mortgage in her name.  I’m only interested in recouping my debts and have no intention of pursuing any benefit of the equity.  Life is too short for fussing and fighting my friend.  I’m focusing my energies on creating the new as the old continues to crumble before me.

In common wealth,