I’m not feeling particularly inspired to write at the moment, although I am committed to the practice and so I shall proceed.  After the gym this morning I spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with my cousin Paul who advised me on his experience with divorce.  He walked me through a draft separation agreement and at one point had to interrupt me to take a call from Suzanne, his third wife.  The exchange was notably romantic, at least from what I gathered overhearing his share of the conversation.  Following the separation agreement, which he explained makes the divorce proceeding much less burdensome, he walked me through some of the paperwork for “Uncontested Divorce Forms.”  He clarified from his experience that so long as both parties proceed without any major discrepancies or disputes that the proceeding can be completed start to finish in just 30 days.  It is nearly surreal that I could be divorced before spring arrives.

I’m a bit cranky having not gone to bed until midnight after spending another wild and unpredictable day in Rochester training with my partner Steve.  He really knows how to blur the line between work and play as we buzzed around town from an African drumming class to a client who desperately needed a terminal replacement.  I volunteered to keep the beat on the Djun Djun with several others while the majority of the class provided high middle and low combinations of notes on the Djembe in traditional “call and response” fashion following the instructor’s lead, who doubles as a mechanical drafter by day.  It was a pleasant release of pent up energy and for the most part I held a consistent beat moving from 4/4 to 2/4 time with increases in tempo as we approached the conclusion of a particular rhythm.  We stayed briefly to watch the beginning of an advanced class including a troupe of mostly female dancers stretching and pulsating to the beat.

After drum class we zipped over to Luna Piena Bistro where we enjoyed a Jameson on the rocks with Arancini, a melt-in-your-mouth ball of battered rice covered in a tangy white sauce.  The bar owner, a bruise under his right eye, confessed he’d had a rough day with the terminal just one of several things to go awry.  He was supremely grateful for the replacement terminal as an unexpected table of 16 arrived, undoubtedly going to pay with plastic.  Our next step was a little dive joint Irish pub, Flipside, with a pretty redhead behind the tiny bar serving up beverages and offering an English accent for entertainment value.  Steve was able to claim a monthly statement of transactions from the owner after several months of follow-up and delighted to add another account to his portfolio.

Back at EMS New York headquarters we chatted a little more over a nightcap as a dart league had the normally vacant Armory abuzz with life on a wintry weekday evening.  Outside the lightpost wobbled in the wind like a cello string out of tune and Steve asked me if I’d ever seen the film August Rush, about a little boy who hears music everywhere.  I recalled that I believe I did watch it some years ago.  In Googling it I came up with a You Tube trailer wondering if the SOPA anti-piracy bill would make such convenient searches a thing of the past.   Fortunately, with a massive social media viral campaign it appears some elected officials are gathering that their constituents aren’t down with censorship of the Internet and thus rescinding their support of the proposed legislation.  Seems invariably there’s a trend toward control and domination where a profit is to be made.

Speaking of control there is quite a bit of squabbling taking place within the local Occupy movement, at least among the online contingent.  There are several “splinter groups” with various players vying for recognition of their contribution and agenda.  The separation and duality that got us into this very mess in the first place plagues an otherwise well-intentioned grassroots initiative.  Nonetheless, the camp remains at Niagara Square and various workgroups continue to advance in support of the movement as the General Assembly is set to convene again this evening.  I have plans to attend a reception where the company co-founders of Ambit Energy will be speaking at the Adam’s Mark Buffalo.  I haven’t been a very active marketing consultant of late with all the upheaval in my life so it will be a nice opportunity to plug into the energy of one of America’s fastest growing private companies with no intentions of ever going IPO.  The company mission is to become the finest and most respected energy retailer in the country, a refreshing alternative to big business where the bottom line is all that matters.

In common wealth,


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt