I missed an appointment for lunch today having failed to insert it into my Outlook Calendar and fortunately it was not a business contact. Nonetheless, it is not my style to blow folks off so I apologized before offering to re-schedule.  After another zany day with my partner Steve touring various cafes, bistros and pubs my morning got off to a foggy start.  I still managed to get out of bed early, although the start to the day proceeded slowly including some shoveling for our contracted customers to clear about 3 inches of freshly fallen snow.  I got in a haircut and even made it to the gym despite the late night as I adjust to this new and unusual routine in my life.   I just completed a brief  power nap and am now ready for the remainder of this wintry Friday.

We started things off downloading a terminal for Affinity Salon & Spa as the new owner Katie adjusts to the role of business owner.  From there we stopped in to say hi at Terrapin Station where Steve acquired a new cigarette case and a couple other items.  Of course, we didn’t leave without the names of the owners and leaving a business card for the kid at the cash register.  Our next stop was to get our nosh on for lunch at Gramma Moras where we enjoyed a spicy El Poncho Villa and a shot of tequilla.  Whilst seated at the bar talking with the manager a pair of patrons at the other end overheard us discussing working with restaurants and next thing we know we’d received an invitation from one of the owners to come by later for happy hour.  We also received a recommendation for a good cannoli and made our next stop at Romeo & Juliet’s Cafe washing down the rich creamy homemade confection with an espresso while enjoying a most synchronous conversation with the folks seated next to us.  Steve naturally sparked the exchange with his charming and effortless style.  Turns out Kandi and her niece Vanessa are neighbors from the north in Canada visiting to check on their rental units and attending an auction to increase their portfolio.  Kandi also lives in a straw house and recently published a book on the concept.  I was fascinated as she shared her contact information.   Our final stop for the afternoon was to complete paperwork for another new account, Allegro Cafe & Catering, where we had an opportunity to discuss social media marketing with the owners and scheduled a follow-up appointment to review some strategies and techniques.

Having completed our business in North Buffalo we migrated to Allentown through a heavy lake effect snow band to our next destination, La Tee Da, where Judith had suggested we appear earlier in the afternoon.  Sure enough she was there enjoying a glass of wine as we joined her at the bar where Jeremy poured us some delightful refreshments including a round of amazing, taste-bud tantalizing apps- Eggplant wings and Pei Mussels in an incredible garlic butter wine sauce.  I remarked that the last time I had set foot in the place it was under a different name and although I couldn’t recall who I was with at the time I did remember Neil Young playing over the house system.  Once we again we collected contact information from the owner who was of course interested in saving money before sauntering down the road to Allen Street Hardware with an exhaustive selection of craft beers and fine wines.  Turned out Steve is related to one of the bartenders, distant cousins or something who grew up in Batavia.  Truly it is a small world in Western New York.

The evening was growing long as we wandered further down Allen winding up at Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar where a sexy bartender Hope, served us a triple hoppy IPA along with breaded pretzels and a pepper jack fondue for dipping, tres magnifique.  I’m no aficionado when it comes to food and beverage, but hanging out with Steve, a self-proclaimed “foodie” I am certainly gaining a new appreciation for creative fare.  At this point we were plenty satisfied and had tied on a decent buzz over the course of our nosh tour.  However, we just couldn’t yet call it a night and so we drove all the way out to Williamville to meet up with my sister at The Irishman where karaoke night was under full swing.  She did a helluva rendition of Snoop Dogg’s Gin & Juice as we sipped on Jameson over rocks.  Before long it was nearing midnight and a day that began at 9 am was ready to be wrapped.  It was a perfect balance of work and play with several new leads to expand into the Buffalo market.

In common wealth,