I was unable to fall asleep in bed with my wife as she’s come down with, or manifested, a cough, congestion and sore throat, so I took to the sofa and managed to obtain sufficient rest.  Today is unfolding a bit slowly and with aching shoulders and forearms I’ve opted to pass on the gym.  I just finished another chapter in The Second Coming and dropped multiple status updates with quotes from Archangel Gabriel.  I’ve got a luncheon today with a group of men, our second in an emerging series.  The plan was to pay another trip to Rochester tomorrow, although I have much business to focus upon here, personally and professionally.  My father wants to review the divorce packet he procured for me before we begin the process.  My wife is agreeable to the grounds for filing, “Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage”, and is eager to proceed as the defendant and I as plaintiff.

As the life I’ve built in recent years is reduced to rubble it is an exercise in patience and humility lest I rush to re-build upon a shaky foundation.  Daniel Lanois considers himself an anti-romantic atheist in asserting that it’s not “out there” rather it is all “in here” and how amazing it is that some of the most beautiful creations arise out of shit.  As I sustain myself from the harvest of season’s passed I am at the same time preparing the fields to reap what I shall sow henceforth.  I have always enjoyed gardening.  There is something richly rewarding about getting your hands dirty while converting an ordinary patch of land into a flourishing piece of art.

After the luncheon I have an appointment with Bryan @ Allegro Cafe to consult on social media marketing.  I also have a tentative appointment for the same purpose with Katie @ Affinity Salon & Spa schedule permitting.  Her uncle runs a winery on the Niagara Trail and we’d love to do business with them, a unique opportunity in that my partner Steve is a sommelier, among the many hats he wears.  There are several follow-up calls to make as well to schedule meetings where we endeavor to help small and medium-sized businesses grow and prosper while also saving them money on processing.  Following these tasks I’m headed over to Allentown for a Oneness Blessing hosted by my dear friend Maura.  I anticipate another full and blessed day ahead.

In common wealth,


You don’t need much education to speak from your heart. All you need is willingness. You see, the heart is the organ of the soul, the doorway to the soul. If you awaken the heart, you will have all that you need because the force of live lives within the heart.