It is a blustery Tuesday morning as a cold front blew in at dawn ushering out the seasonably mild air mass that melted what little snowpack had developed following a recent storm.  I just served a shot of wheatgrass to my wife who remains in bed with a nasty cough and sore throat.  It remains her position, or belief system, that she “got sick” or contracted it from someone else, a belief system adhered to by the mass consciousness, when in reality we only “get sick” from not taking sufficient care (love) of ourselves leaving us susceptible to a pathogen.  I know from experience as I began this path of awakening over a decade ago and rarely do I develop physical ailments of any origin.  I have The Grateful Dead “Eyes of the World” playing as I type while continuing to blur the line between work and play.  My partner Steve just called me with another lead generated from social media activity as we continue to grow personally and professionally.

The Oneness Blessing last evening at Maura’s sanctuary in Allentown was a spectacular experience as Eddie, a jovial southern transplant, lead a group of 4 through a ceremony including chanting, breathing and visualization.  The presence of the Divine was palpable as the energy circulated in serpentine fashion from root to crown.  Following the blessing Eddie shared some of his thoughts and insights including exciting news of a guru from India scheduled to visit Buffalo, one of only 20 cities chosen.  He explained that there are essentially 4 types of spiritually evolved beings- Awakened, Christ conscious, Oneness and Avatars, with the latter being here on Earth in very limited numbers.  The prediction is that there will be 70,000 “awakened” beings before the conclusion of 2012, and there are presently just a handful on the west coast.  I found what he shared to align closely with what I’ve been reading in Anastasi’s book The Second Coming over the last several weeks.  The synchronicities occuring in my life are truly fascinating and almost perplexing.

Prior to the gathering I conducted some business assisting an existing account, Allegro Cafe, with their social media marketing campaign.  The owners, Bryan and Marie, were visibly overwhelmed as I attempted to explain a strategy for growing their customer base and driving more activity from their existing customers.  I am by no means a social media expert, although my avid use of it on a personal level has certainly granted sufficient familiarity to illustrate its features and benefits commercially.  And as part of our promise to provide “old-fashioned local service” I offered on-going support as they begin their new campaign to grow.

The owners were kind enough to offer me a couple referrals directing me across the street to a couple merchants, for which we do offer $100.00 for any new business generated.  I popped in to Mimi’s Salon & Spa and sat down across from the owner, Gail, who explained her dissatisfaction with their current processor, including a gaffe involving a $10,000 international transaction.  She’s also none too pleased, justifiably so, with an exhorbitant early termination fee in her existing contract.   I set a follow-up appointment for Steve & I to sit down with her for an explatory session and determine if we can in fact help her save money and grow her business.

From Hertel Ave I migrated to Allentown hoping to drop in and see the owner of La Tee Da, however they were closed as I’d anticipated given that it was a Monday.  So I had about an hour to spend before the blessing and made way for DBGB’s where I was delighted to bump into my friend Kelly whom I hadn’t seen in years.  She was yet another person with whom I’d had only limited contact via social media and so it was a special opportunity to exchange energy offline for a change.  I ordered up an Arrogant Bastard and a plate of fried pickles from Hope who had her lovely locks of auburn hair down.  I met Kelly’s companion Andy, a chef at Hardware, who was sharing his recipe for Gumbo as we enjoyed a happy hour reprieve.

I had sent Maura a text to see if it was cool to come by before the scheduled 6:30 pm start time and she promptly replied affirmatively.  I said my goodbyes to the dear souls at the pub making my way on foot to Trinity Place where a round of musical cars was underway with the switchover in parking that occurs citywide on Mondays at 6 pm.  I recalled the days of yore when I had briefly resided on the street making for a pleasant trip down memory lane.  I had the good fortune of crossing paths with another old friend, Bekah, who happened to be a neighbor.  I could tell she was slightly surprised to see me in the hood and we exchanged a warm embrace before parting ways.

I now have Fire on the Mountain streaming as I continue “working” from my home office.  I could get used to this gig with my vairous social media accounts up and active as I exchange emails and blog to melodic tones.  Closing the doors behind me with love and goodness to all concerned is thrusting new doors wide open allowing me to walk through with a curious mind and warm heart.  The blessing certainly served as a catalyst for further awakening the Divine within my being as I move forward enchanted.  On the walk back to my truck I was joined by Jennifer who had walked from several blocks away.  Her energy reflected back the loving compassion welling up within me and the moment allowed for words of wisdom to be shared.

Earlier in the day at the men’s luncheon I enjoyed some hearty lentil soup with 3 other awesome fellas- Dave, Shawn and Matt- as we discussed our spiritual paths, including at one point working through a “story” that reflected back to us the 24/7 nature of practicing presence.  The mind is constantly busy discerning, evaluating and categorizing, especially in this accelerated era of stimulation known as the Information Age.  It can be terribly challenging to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings from one moment to the next, and yet in not practicing this presence awareness we become victims to our incomplete perceptions of reality.  In awakening to realize moments when we are giving our power away to fear we can interrupt the neural pathway and form a new one by reconnecting with our divinity.  After all we are here to learn and grow in love of our self and one another.  The rest is mere scenery.

In common wealth,


If I fail if I succeed at least I live as I believe. – Whitney Houston