The sleepiness lingers on an icy Thursday morning despite getting to bed early and sleeping well, although the periodic coughing episodes by my wife do hinder a thorough slumber.  Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment with a prospective business partner that turned out to be something of clearing the air between us.  She sorta set me straight in terms of any personal element to the relationship in clarifying where she’s at and where she sees me, something of an incongruency.  I admitted to an attraction, although it was more heartfelt than lower chakra, nonetheless she explained her sensitivity to the energy and established a healthy boundary going forward.  Within myself I made note of feeling intimidated and rejected, allowed the feelings to flow as she spoke, and quickly dissipating as we then carried on an inspiring conversation regarding an unfolding vision and plan in life.  It is encouraging to know that I’m attracting such powerful and dynamic souls at this crossroads in my life.

My next stop was to my folks’ for dinner and to drop off the divorce paperwork for my father to review.  However, as I was en route it occurred to me I had left the packet at home, an indication of my resistance to finalize the dissolution of my marriage.  While I no longer have any romantic love for my wife, I do care for her and want to make this transition in as diplomatic and compassionate a manner as possible.  At some point the finality of the action will take place and any associated feelings must be assimilated for healing.  In The Second Coming, something of a reference guide for me right now, he illustrates the critical importance of deep breathing in and out, giving and receiving.  The deeper we breathe the more life we experience.  Most people, myself included, breath to just 20% or less of their lung capacity, and in so doing greatly limit what we are able to give to the world and receive in return.  On a physiological level the oxygen-depleted environment of our cells and DNA restricts the bodies innate capacity for regeneration and growth.  Letting go of our past, or the limited perception of events from our past is essential for optimal living.  In the book The Biology of Belief Dr. Bruce Lipton illustrates the damaging effect of stress on the systems of the body, and all stress is self-induced based on how we perceive life events.  As we release our resistance and allow all that we feel to flow we tap into unlimited potential in mind, body and spirit.

After dinner with my parents I made my way to the weekly business presentation for one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies.  I had a guest taking a look at the business for the first time.  Eric has an extensive background in network marketing and so understands the importance of properly evaluating an opportunity before coming aboard.  We chatted after the presentation in the hotel lobby and he shared his thoughts.  He liked what he saw in terms of timing, the recession-proof aspect of the industry and the compensation plan.  His main concern is getting a better feel for the leadership involved in the organization, a critical component to any viable business venture.  I recently learned the importance of having a suitable cultural fit at my former employer.  If you’re not jiving with the energy, philosophy and mission of a place it will make for a rather unpleasant experience to say the least.

I need to hit the shower, shave and get my booty out the door for several appointments with prospective merchants seeking our marketing and payment processing services.  We will begin the day in North Buffalo and wrap up in East Aurora before Steve heads back to Rochester for evening commitments.  I received an invite to a meeting for an offshoot group in the local occupy movement and I’m curious to check it out.  The fella who is heading up this “splinter group” had been ostracized for taking an alternative, perhaps more radical approach than those who claim to represent the group presently camped out in Niagara Square.  The conclusion of the Age of Separation and Duality may get a little messy as we transition toward the Aquarian Unity.  I’m here to do my part as I unify the fractured pieces within my soul.

In Common Wealth,