Back at the beach house for a brief visit as the tea kettle whistles and the furnace hums on a wet, windy afternoon more reminiscent of March than January.  We have our second showing of the house taking place as I type since listing it just shy of 2 weeks ago.  Per my good friend and business partner’s recommendation I baked up a batch of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies for added appeal.  I’m curious if we will get any follow-up response this time around.

Yesterday was another solid day of prospecting for new accounts as Steve & I cruised around town beginning at Hertel Avenue, where we completed a gift card download for Allegro Café and offered an ad hoc social media consultation for Katie at Affinity Salon & Spa.  Gail at Mimi’s Salon & Spa had called early in the day to cancel an appointment I had scheduled, and as fate would have it Steve bumped into her at the café where he naturally worked his magic warming her up to the notion of providing a statement for us to review.  By the time I showed up we had the pleasure of meeting Tony, owner of Anthony Paul Salon a few doors down from the café.  He too is displeased with his current processor and we look forward to serving them both.

Our next stop took us to Taste of Thai where we noshed on fabulous South Asian cuisine.  We had hoped to meet the owner Bob, but he was busy preparing the delightful fare in the kitchen, so we dropped our cards to the server as we sang their praises for the spicy sustenance.  With bellies full we made our way across town to the club district at Bambino’s on Franklin hooking up with some of the Red Bull guys, Lenny and Sean, as they were wrapping up their lunch.  Next we caravanned to East Aurora to meet the owner of what will be the All-American, presently undergoing completion of major renovations.  Steve had worked with the owner Jay in the past when he operated clubs in Chippewa and Steve was the top rep for a subsidiary of Irish Carbonic.  Unfortunately, Jay was one of several accounts burned by the former EMS rep in the area as we set out to restore our reputation under new direction.

After coffee at Taste we cruised the main drag of East Aurora getting a feel for potential accounts lining the busy commercial district.  Steve then made his way back to Rochester for an evening engagement.  I dropped in to O’Neill’s near the stadium wishing a happy birthday to Laney, who was bartending for happy hour, along with guest sidekick, Sean, the area Red Bull rep.  He and I made plans for lunch to strategize referring business to one another going forward as he seeks to get his product into new and existing venues, as do we our payment processing services.  After a few beers I was joined by my brother Dan and we caught up over a couple more cold ones as an open mic got underway and a young crowd filled the bar, including some fine young ladies.  I indulged in a couple Red Bull Absolut pints and upon realizing I was hyper-jacked ordered up a Jameson to counter the caffeine.  I felt like I could have stayed up all night like a rock star, yet managed to dump the fine Irish whiskey on the bar top before it was half consumed.  At that point I took it as a sign to call it a night and went home to crash.  But not before chatting with the owner Rick to see if we could save him money on his processing.

I slept well despite moving to the couch in the wee hours of the morning due to my wife’s incessant coughing.  I’d never have known I was out carousing as there was not the slightest hint of a hangover, or even a lingering malaise.  I even made it to the gym and completed a workout.  My shoulder is still giving me some problems, particularly when I bench press, and I’ve backed off the weight some as a preventive measure.  Nonetheless, the dull pain persists as I walk the line between strength conditioning and further damage.

So here I am sorting it out.  We’ve just about burned through the remainder of what meager savings we had in the joint checking account and I’m praying my first unemployment check posts early next week.  I have several solid leads working which pay $100 each once a deal is inked and approved by corporate.  I’m doing well to remain present and as feelings of anxiety over money arise I take a deep breath allowing the feeling to dissipate like the darkness at dawn.  Deep down in my soul I know everything is going to work out.  I asked my wife, who remains run down by a viral infection, if she wanted a hug, to which she accepted.  As we embrace I whispered, “Everything will work out.”  She sighed and agreed.  I know our journey as mates is nearing conclusion and some sadness lingers.  It would be abnormal if I weren’t grieving to some degree.  Yet, more often than not I’m calm in spite of the storm.  I’m going to take a walk down to the beach before packing up.  I can hear waves roaring.

In common wealth,