It is 2 pm and I’m just starting to get it sorted out after a wild dance party involving all the cousins in my amazing extended family.  We gathered at my cousin Michael & Kim’s charming estate for many hours of debauchery and laughter including a few rounds of Three Man followed by breaking it down from Lady Gaga to Marvin Gaye to Van Morrison.  I definitely busted a few moves gaining compliments from a few of the ladies who didn’t realize I got some rhythm.  Of course, with sufficient lubricant in my system I could make it fun rocking out to John Tesh.  At another interval I sat down to the piano and enjoyed a few moments of improv tickling the ivories for the first time since I can recall.  I’ve got an electronic keyboard for sale and if it doesn’t sell for what I’m asking I just may get back into the flow of playing.

I was delighted to retrieve the book, The Second Coming, which I’d left at Spot Coffee earlier in the week. The barista happily searched through the lost and found items under the counter before taking my order.  I had already surrendered to it being lost releasing any attachment if its contents were deemed worthy of another reader by the Universe.  Nonetheless, as I’ve been drawing many beneficial insights from the book in recent weeks I am pleased to have it back in my stewardship for the time being.  The circumstances set it up for me to cross paths with yet another old friend whom I hadn’t seen in years.  Turns out John just started at the local state university to become an architect and has many semesters of intense  study ahead of him.  He looked a bit aged since I’d last seen him, perhaps the stress of life taking its toll.  We exchanged business cards in an effort to refer each other business as he does carpentry work and it will soon be landscape season.

From there I made my way to a mutually agreed upon meeting point where I delivered the compact electric stove sold for $50 to my friend Debby, whom I met via social media.  She tipped me with a pineapple and extended an invitation to participate in a rally for animal rights in response to reports of cruel and inhumane treatment of cats at the local SPCA.  I thanked her and offered my support from a distance as I have plans to participate in another Oneness Blessing this afternoon.  I had also intentions to participate in a Restorative Yoga class following the blessing; however, given the sleep deficit and hangover I’m gonna pass.  After meeting Debby I joined my folks for dinner and reviewed the divorce kit with my father clarifying the steps needed to complete each phase of the process.  It’s going to be some tedious paperwork and a few hundred dollars, although far from the ordeal that’s been my marriage over the last several years.

It took everything I had to get out the door this morning and meet my partner Nick to review our design schematic for Plantasia, now just 6 weeks away.  We have what we feel is a unique design concept and the theme is rustic, green and antique including LEED certified pavers, a greenhouse, cedar storage shed, a well, rain barrel, boulder borders and an arbor with decorative planter pots.  It’s going to be a significant investment of time, money and energy as we endeavor to put ourselves on the map in the local market.  There is much planning and preparation remaining between now and showtime.  It’s an exciting project.

This morning as I lie in bed I observed that I was re-visiting the moment when I was called into Conference Room #1 to recieve the news of my termination of employment at the college.  I noticed how I was feeling, which I would describe generically as “down” and from that rehashing my ego moved onto my financial situation as I realized how readily we can slide into a downward spiral if we’re not conscious of our thoughts and feelings.  It was really interesting to watch it, as if I were a fly on the wall of my own romance novel unfurling.  It’s incredible how we tend to dredge up the past, particularly what we perceive imcompletely as a “negative” or “undesireable” experience.  It was only a matter of a couple hours after the incident that I felt an enormous burden lifted from my spirit as I enumerated the benefits of losing my job- work my own schedule, get a sabbatical to sort out my life, pursue my passions, liberation from working for someone else’s values rather than my own.  As I consider the entirety of the many so-called negative events presently in my life I just want to get up and dance.  I feel good.

In common wealth,


Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” – Oscar Wilde