One of many new friends that have come into my life in recent months shared a link to a tune that reminded me of the carefree, simpler times in my life many years ago.  It’s a song I recall resonating with me back then after hearing it performed live in Buckeye Lake OH during the summer of 1993.  It was a time in my life where I was finishing up my studies at the local community college and quite uncertain of which direction to go, professionally and personally.  And so here I am at a similar crossroads as I ponder so many roads teasing my soul yet again.  You can hear the angst and yearning in Jerry’s voice as be belts it out to the thousands gathered on the fields of gold.

I’m not finding much of any motivation to conduct “work” as I walk the enigmatic line between making it happen and allowing it to unfold.  I will make a call to one prospective client shortly to ensure he received my email request for his last month’s processing statement allowing us to draft a proposal with the intent to trim his operating costs.  Other than that I have an invite to a friend’s place for a home-cooked meal which I will most certainly accept not just for food, but just as importantly for the most excellent company.  I’m also searching online for a cheap source of used astro turf to use in our Plantasia display.  It doesn’t look like the Craigslist ad I posted Saturday for Marketing and Business Consultants has been listed and I’ve no idea why.

We’re also expecting the second of six installments for our commercial snowplow contract and tomorrow is the end of the month.  Lords knows we could use some revenue to pay some bills for the business and personal expenses.  I’m still waiting on my first unemployment check to deposit into the bank account and trust that resources will arrive as needed.  This path is most certainly not for the faint of heart and I’m reminded why the majority of folks cling to their dead-end jobs if for nothing else than a guaranteed paycheck.  I’m actually pretty ok with things as they are, although I admit I romanticize having lots of money with no concern for indulging in my ego’s every whim.  Yet the greatest wealth of all is the greatest love of all.

In common wealth,