This day has started off with agitation as my wife has the audacity to suggest I’ve done nothing around the house to make it presentable for viewing with an appointment scheduled for later this afternoon.  I’m quite certain she has amnesia and has blotted out the last several years where I did virtually everything from maintenance inside and out, cleaning, shopping and working full-time, thus allowing her to focus on school.  Now with an internship just 2 days per week and no job her plate has plenty of room.  I’m inclined to pack up some of my stuff and relocate to the beach house.  However, I understand the importance of cooperation to serve our mutual interest in selling the house as efficiently and equitably as possible.

I had some odd and vivid dreams this morning including a dance lesson, a call from a former love interest and swimming in the lake off the cliffs of Derby.  Perhaps it is the result of an immensely deep tissue massage followed by copious glasses of wine and green curry for dinner.  Jen, aka “Ninja“, utilized the skills she acquired from her training at NYIM, where as fate would have it I had enrolled her several years ago into the program.  She shared with me how “massage changed her life” and a bright bubbly personality to show for it.  Talk about a nice testimonial.  I of course left her my business card as TheBuffalo ChargecardGuys may save her office money on their processing, not to mention happily promote her services via social media.

There’s still no funds posted to my checking account and I just left a voice mail for a customer service rep at my bank.  As it is I had to accept the generosity of family to pick up the tab at Taste of Thai and having no cash is certainly resulting in feelings of frustration, if not inadequacy.  This is the sort of stuff that requires healing through acceptance and self-love as I move through a major shift.  I’m requesting an unemployment forbearance on my student loan and need to get in touch with the firm that managed my 401k while working at the college.  In other news, the Buffalo Sabres have strung together consecutive victories for the first time since early November in defeating Les Habitants 3-1 on their home ice.  There’s no better place to humble a home crowd than Montreal where they boast of having won the most Stanley Cups in league history.

I had offered to help a friend move some things later this afternoon and will have to cancel or postpone with the scheduled viewing.  We have a Yorke that isn’t to be left in the house alone with strangers.  Another friend text me that he may need help with a load of things earlier in the day.  Seems there is a good deal of transition and upheaval for many folks of late in various areas of their lives.  I left the engagement ring and wedding band with my mother yesterday who offered to shop it around to area jewelers in her travels.  It’s one less thing for me to manage right now and any revenue generated from its sale will be greatly appreciated.

Today marks an important decision for the City of Buffalo as it pertains to Occupy Buffalo with the permit expiring at midnight.  It is anticipated that Mayor Byron Brown will not renew and allow the occupation to continue as the Powder Keg festival sets its sights on Niagara Square for a winter fest that may lack snow.   Honestly, at this point I’m not certain of my level of support for the group as their focus is widely scattered in protest of important, albeit not immediately relevant issues such as NFTA budget cuts, Holding Center abuses and Veteran’s affairs.  There is a “splinter group” Occupy WNY , headed up by a young, passionate fella whose focus is on renovating urban homes and creating living space for would-be residents of our city.  That to me represents an occupation with lasting potential.  People who work together can truly build community.

In common wealth,