Another gorgeous day with sunshine leaving one to think that spring is just days away until a glance at the calendar proves otherwise.  I just gave my truck some long overdue TLC including an exterior wash and interior detail.  I also secured the heat shield for the exhaust pipe that came loose presumably after a Sabres’ game when I jumped a curb for a shortcut to the thruway.  It was no easy task wiggling underneath the chassis and finagling the bolts and washers into a tight space.  My left shoulder tinged with pain at one point prompting me to access the area from the opposite side.  On a lift it would have been a 2 minute job, but from the ground it was closer to 15 minutes.

While putzing around in the driveway the neighbor from across the street paid a visit and inquired of the for sale sign in the yard, noticeably concerned and admittedly intoxicated from a “few beers” at the casino.  He’s had his problems with the next-door neighbors and their punk kids, something of a modern-day Hatfield-McCoy fued.  There was also a drive-by inquiry on the house as a young couple just months away from exchanging wedding vows seek a starter home.  I talked the place up as best I could and then referred them to the realtor’s number on the sign to set up an appointment.  I’ve never sold a home before and I’m paying the experts to do their thing.

I was reflecting upon this current transition period taking place in my life and how one might construe it as a “mid-life crisis.”  However, I have a hunch I will live well beyond 80 years-old and while it can certainly be labeled a “crisis” it is really an about-face from a path I followed irresponsibly.  Now that I am back to practicing what I’ve been taught over the last decade the so-called crisis is really a blessing ripe with opportunities for harvest.  There’s no inkling of acquiring a hot rod or dating a girl half my age, although I’m certainly not limiting myself in that department.  Rather, I’m downsizing, or rightsizing my life as I set out to build a solid foundation in fulfillment of my life’s mission, or purpose.  As I continue to sort that out and tie up loose ends I’m gaining momentum.

Earlier in the day I had migrated to Niagara Square for a General Assembly of the recently evicted Occupy Buffalo.  It was a stellar turnout as several proposals were tendered, including a new location for the operation and a call to City Hall to divest taxpayer dollars from Chase Bank and re-invest in a locally based bank or credit union.  I realized as I cast my vote on various measures that I was actually participating in a direct democracy, in stark contrast to the representative government we’ve allowed to run our lives in an increasingly detached and disempowered manner.  The final proposal before I exited the scene was for a vendor cart selling hot dogs at Winterfest next weekend, in an effort to re-direct revenues from what some view as the reason the city took action to evict.  It was not met with much support and as one member suggested, “We’ve already lost some favor with the general public in light of recent events (in large part due to spin by mainstream media coverage) and it would not serve us to protest a family event.”  I agreed with the logic and even if it is merely to save face from a public relations standpoint, it is a wise position for the movement.

Tonight I’ve got plans for a welcome home party in Allentown, someone I’ve actually never met who is a friend of a friend I only met in the last couple weeks.  I’m looking forward to mingling and sharing energy with good souls.  I feel the need for a power nap, or at least a few minutes stretched out on the sofa with eyes closed.  Actually, I would benefit from stretching out my tightened hamstrings and groin, which always rejuvenates me.  I just logged onto my gmail and holy shit I’ve got like 3 dozen responses to a Craigslist posting for renting the house.  I haven’t run that idea by my wife yet as it is a backup plan should the house sale take longer than expected.  I’ve got some work to do before I head out.

In common wealth,