It’s just about 2 pm and I’m finally feeling somewhat recovered after getting it in like a rock star last night.  The house party on the West Side turned out to be a real fun time with many bottles of wine, homemade chili and bread combined with dance music from Balkan to Belgium club beats compliments of our host Sacha and hostess Jen.  If not for a dear friend, Maura, going way back to the college years in the early 90’s, I would never have been sharing such divine space.  I’m truly enjoying this circle of beautiful people in my world, including a few new faces last night, and grateful amid the upheaval in my life.

My wife mentioned that she spoke to a friend at the candle party last night who recommended a lawyer to handle the divorce for a modest retainer fee.  I responded that a lawyer is not necessary and will only up the ante to file the paperwork.  She seemed rather convicted in her position and so this may not be as tidy as anticipated.  The only bone of contention, if there is to be one, would be in the property settlement, which we’ve already agreed upon verbally.  I mentioned to her the idea of renting the house if we’re not able to sell in the next couple months, to which she was mildly receptive.   I had several new emails and several replies to yesterday’s emails from the Craiglist ad.  It shouldn’t be a problem renting if the time comes.

Organizing tax documents with a hangover is especially tedious.  After I wrap up today’s entry I’m off to an annual Super Bowl XLVI shindig hosted by my sister and her husband.  The weather is glorious with blue skies and sunshine as I’d be inclined to pay a visit to the beach if not for the party.  I’m hoping a stiff cup of coffee will provide the added jolt I need to go the distance today.  I’m looking forward to enjoying family and friends, not to mention what is shaping up to be an epic matchup with the Lombardi Trophy at stake.  My money is on the G-men by 10 points, although it could conceivably come down to the final play.  To consider all the blood, sweat and tears shed by the players over the last several months leading up to this moment is the stuff of champions.

In common wealth,