I just got off the phone with a customer service rep for American Express and God bless her for being so patient with me.  I was inquiring about the 3% cashback on gasoline purchases and why I was not seeing the credit on my monthly statement.  We went through each purchase for the month of January and just 2 of 7 were showing up as “gas” rather than “retail” or some other code on the merchant’s terminal.  I became quite irritable demanding that all of the purchases qualify for the 3% and she put me on hold to get a manager on the line.  I let out a few expletives while holding and chuckled at the irony as I’m in the payment processing industry as a professional now.  However, she came back on the line and explained that they’d offer me a “one-time courtesy” for the non-coded purchases.  I settled down and thanked her while clarifying which merchants are properly coded for the 3% cashback.  Going forward I know which stations to avoid including NOCO Express and Delta Sonic.

Now that I’ve cooled off I realize that I’m tired, one of the hallmarks for indulging in an upset, along with hungry and lonely.  The last couple nights have taken a bit of a toll and I have one more event this evening at Hideaway’s following a gathering with some of my closest friends for our bi-weekly “Commonwealth” meeting.  I’ll be making my appearance at the promo brief allowing me to catch up on some much-needed sleep.  We had our taxes filed earlier today and will be receiving a decent refund, thanks in part to my business losses and a tax credit for 3 semesters of full-time college tuition.  We will be able to make the mortgage payment, at least for another month.

It is an absolutely brilliant day with sunshine and blue skies as temps climb well into the 40s.  Yesterday’s Super Bowl at the Compound extravaganza made for some real good times as the New England Patriots join the Buffalo Bills as the only teams to lose 4 times in the quest for the Lombardi Trophy.  Of course, the Pats have 3 championships to the Bill’s 0 and so we local fans take little solace in the company.  The spread was diverse, delicious and extremely caloric appeasing my inner glutton for several hours of eating and drinking.  Today I am shifting gears toward a healthier regimen making it to the gym this morning despite a lingering fog while partaking in lighter, more nutrient-dense foods in treating this body as a temple.  Let thy food be thy medicine.

In common wealth,