Sipping my healthy coffee from a recycled glass mug on a chilly morning realizing yesterday was the first day I hadn’t posted a new blog entry in weeks.  Consistency is among the hallmarks of a successful journey in life.  Of course, there is so much more to being “successful” than merely doing the same thing at a regular, predictable interval.  The night before last at our Commonwealth meeting among the highlights of the discussion was doing what is inspiring to you, as opposed to doing what you consider an obligation.  At the end of the day the only obligation we have is to ourselves and the purpose we declare for our lives.  The rest is scenery.

Utter exhaustion and getting organized with my business prevented me from making an entry.  Three consecutive nights of going out naturally took a toll and this morning I am feeling sufficiently rested after an early to bed night.  We had some fun at Hideaway’s, a hotel bar just off the I-90, including a couple of rounds of darts where I dominated my friends Mark and Matt, despite not having thrown a dart in years.  The guest bartender Sean was serving up elixirs and I had an opportunity to chat with the owner about saving her establishment money on payment processing while offering complimentary social media marketing services.  Sandy was genuinely interested, especially when I asked her if she even knows the rep for their current processor, and when I said we can beat them with our rates.

I met with an old friend, Carly Rae, for lunch at the Orange Cat to discuss the possibility of her joining The Buffalo ChargecardGuys team.  It turned out to be a couple of hours of catching up on personal and business life including her vision to acquire the historic Frontier House on the main drag of picturesque Lewiston, NY.  I enjoyed a blueberry Rooibos tea followed by a hummus wrap that was out of this world.  Carly expressed an interest in the charge card opportunity, although for the time being her focus is on the coffee venture partnered with her father as they set out to build a local team and a residual income stream.  She’s not only an exceptionally attractive young woman, but equally intelligent and sincere making her a tremendous asset to any team endeavor.

Things are looking up as I hit a promotion in the energy business and I have my first landscape consultation of the year, despite it being February according to the calendar.  My friend Sofia expressed dismay at their front lawn while we hung out at Jen’s welcome home bash last weekend so I offered my services gratis.  Whether or not it will result in a paid gig is beside the point as I enjoy sharing knowledge with others in my inner circle.  What goes around comes around and to give is to receive.  I went to college with Sofia many moons ago in Syracuse and as fate would have it we recently crossed paths again thanks to social media.  In circles we run and in circles we come back again…

Once I built an ivory tower so I could worship from up above when I climbed down to be set free she took me in again…

In  common wealth,