I’m mapping out my day with a few places to prospect including a referral from corporate headquarters for an appliance repair shop.  From there I’m going to re-visit Page’s Grill & Bar, Pappas Restaurant and perhaps hit up O’Neill’s Stadium Inn for happy hour.   I made it to the gym this morning, which is serving to provide a much-needed energy boost, as is the healthy hot chocolate I’m presently enjoying.  After this blog and a stretch I’ll make my way out the door seeking that first deal in the payment acceptance gig.  I’ve had a few replies to my ad for the diamond ring, including one asking me to ship it overnight with extra funds to cover the cost via paypal.  Accepting my price of $4200 flat-out seems sketchy and so I responded asking the inquiry to call me to feel them out.  I’ve got an appointment with a local buyer on Monday whom I trust, although I may not get as much money for it.  I’m certainly not shipping it off to Michigan with a paypal terms sight unseen.

I saw my esthetician Sandy yesterday and got myself all tidied up with a brazilian.  She went a little higher than last time and the sting was much greater than the remainder of the area.  It really is quite an experience to lay there as she handles everything, sugaring, ripping and powdering as she makes it as comfortable as possible.  I do enjoy the results including greater sensitivity and a sense of cleanliness.  We enjoyed tea and biscotti after the session with good conversation including an update on her brother’s book The Second Coming, which I’ve finished all but the Afterword.  She offered to get me in touch with him if I like and I am quite interested in getting to know him personally.  The information has served to substantiate much of what I’ve been learning and experiencing over the last decade, including some new insights of great value.

From there I made my way over to Grover’s Bar & Grill for a follow-up visit where I indulged in their famous cheeseburger soup and a couple Pabst Blue Ribbons to wash it down.  Patty was sassy as ever behind the bar and I struck up conversation with a pair of gentlemen sitting beside me at the bar.  They were none too keen on the use of plastic to pay for their food and drinks, or for anything in general, both of them boasting of having paid cash for their second and third homes.  Bill is a retired business owner of an industrial electronics distributorship and Dan is 40 some years into his home remodeling business complaining of the lack of qualified, reliable help available.  I failed to ask them if they ever accepted a credit card payment from their customers, although I did point out that one of our clients is just down the road, Stockman’s Tavern, where they likely do half the business of Grover’s and happily accept credit cards.  Patty added her two cents describing the hassle of closing out a credit card sale at another bar where she works which does accept credit cards.  Nonetheless, I said I’d be back whether or not they ever do business with us as I love the atmosphere and the food.

My final stop for the day was the weekly business presentation at the Milliennium Hotel where the room was packed with consultants and their guests taking a look at the opportunity of a lifetime standing room only.  Even Warren Buffet has called it “the largest transfer of wealth in history” and we have John Maxwell endorsing the company with a customized version of his 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership best-seller.  If not for a sweat lodge I’ve already committed to I’d be heading to Utica on the 18th for a training seminar with the most esteemed fellow.  My schedule is becoming increasingly full despite being unemployed and am looking forward to tying up many loose ends in my life.  The world is my oyster and I love seafood.

In common wealth,