It’s mid-afternoon and I honored the craving for a cold beer sipping a 24 ouncer as I type on a blustery winter day.  Yesterday was a one-thing-after-another sorta day beginning with prepping to paint the bathroom and ending with my first “date” in over 4 years.  When I got home at midnight there was a note from my wife that she was staying at a friend’s house to get a “good night’s sleep” before a 10k race today.  For all I know she was out hooking up and I couldn’t care less, a fine affirmation that I’m merely married on paper at this point.  Of course I still have “feelings” for my wife, but not sexual in nature whatsoever.  I wish her only the best as we conclude a portion of this journey called life.

The painting project carried over into a second day as I wrapped it up earlier this morning applying the final coats.  I had a scary moment as my left shoulder got tweaked at one point reaching up to tape off the ceiling perimeter.  I didn’t make much of it until later in the shower reaching over to apply soap to my upper back I felt an odd sensation in the large muscle group of my middle back and also down into my arm.  It wasn’t painful, more like numb, and so I called my chiro buddy to see if we could get together on short notice to assess the situation.  He still hasn’t returned my call and I suspect he’s booked through the weekend.  The other day at the gym I backed off on heavy lifting supplanting push-ups for the bench press.  I’d like to think that it is healing, although this painting non-sense could be the straw that broke this camel’s back, literally.

I’ll be heading out to Powder Keg Winterfest in about an hour to check out the Red Bull Buttercup snowboarding rig and prospect some of the clubs on Chippewa.  Following that outing I’ll be heading to my folks’ place to celebrate my aunt’s 60th birthday, which will make for some good times with family.  This tall can of beer is serving to “prime the pump” so to speak catching a mild buzz before migrating downtown.  My cousin might meet up with me and also expecting one of our clients, a salon owner, to make it down after she closes up shop.  People can you feel it love is in the air…

In common wealth,