Monday morning with several items on the agenda including shopping the diamond to a couple appraisers, an unemployment workshop and then this evening installing railings along the stairwell.  I spoke with our realtor last night and he’s going to schedule an open house a couple weeks from now to drive more traffic to our listing.  We had our 4th showing yesterday since listing on the market and still no offers.  Ben said he hadn’t even heard from any of the buyer realtors, which is unusual.  I have faith it will sell to the right people at the right time for the right price with love and goodness to all concerned.

My shoulder is improving after receiving some therapy yesterday whilst visiting some dear friends.  I invested the better part of the day with Matt & Amy including a scrumptious lunch after Matt shared his trained massage skills to loosen and stimulate healing to the compromised area.  My chiro buddy Mark got back to me stating that he’s hesitant to offer any sort of advice without a “differential diagnosis” and suggested I see how I feel after a few days following the massage.  We then spontaneously headed out into the cold night to visit our friend Erin who manages a Regal Cinema theater.  She comped us tickets and we were entertained by A Woman in Black, starring Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter.  It’s a tale of a house haunted by the ghost of an evil woman in which any time she is seen by someone a child dies.  I was fighting heavy eyelids and the repeated scenes culminating in a crow through the window or a strange sound like someone coming up a flight of stairs or an apparition about to pounce on an unsuspecting protagonist served to keep me awake.  I gave it one thumb up.

Saturday turned out to be a bit of a letdown.  I made it down to the Powder Keg and froze my arse off for a few minutes as the fierce north winds whipped through Niagara Square providing appropriate conditions for the winterfest.  I made my way into the lobby of the Statler Towers and thawed out on some cozy leather sofas.  The crowd was noticeably younger, below 30, and the atmosphere was abuzz with a sound system cranking tunes while folks milled about the vast expanse of the historic building.  I ventured back outside to the Buttercup snowboard event and lasted a few more minutes before making way to the truck and off to my aunt’s 60th birthday shindig hosted by my parents.  I didn’t last very long  after filling up on hors-d’ouvres and a few glasses of Zinfandel.  I said goodnight to my mother and hit the hay exhausted by 11 pm.

I’m going to skip the gym altogether today and allow my shoulder to rest.  The aim here is to slow it down and be especially mindful of the injury as I work toward rehabilitation.  My chiro buddy also recommended abstaining from any upper body resistance training, which stinks since I really enjoy lifting weights.  I recently joined a Meetup group for Outdoor Enthusiasts and look to get some exercise hiking and exploring some of the local natural wonders, including the Niagara Gorge and Zoar Valley.  I need my shoulder for the upcoming landscape season, and while I’m not anticipating doing a large share of the physical labor, there is certainly going to be times when my experience is needed, to finish up a job and/or train anyone we hire.  My partner Nick and I have much to prepare for the upcoming Plantasia show just a little over a month away now.

In common wealth,