Yesterday was one of the more productive days I’ve enjoyed since leaving the college in terms of both business and personal purposes.  I met up with an old friend Chris at his downtown office for lunch, fresh salad and homemade soup as he’s now on a health kick with his latest venture in wellness centers.  Upon my arrival he so happened to have an impromptu meeting with Joe, who is helping put together a fundraiser to benefit the summer camp for at-risk youth.  I’d been a counselor for the camp years ago and am now getting involved again in an even bigger way after a several year hiatus.  I volunteered to orchestrate all the social media promotion for The Night of Champions on May 23rd and have accounts created as of this morning adding friends and followers.  We have the Buffalo Bills involved along with the Buffalo Police Department and possibly the U.S. Army among the sponsors.  It feels really good to be giving back to the community once again.  Time is our most valuable resource.

From there I headed to Hertel Avenue and re-connected with another old friend, Gail, at Allegro Cafe.  We’d worked together at Medaille College at the turn of the century and more recently at B&S, where she was an academic advisor until health complications forced her to resign.  We caught up on some of the old faces and places where we hung out back in the day before she shared more intimate details of her present life circumstances, including a terminal illness.  I became a little choked up and angered when she noted that the doctors had given her 6 months to live nearly a year ago.  I replied that medical professionals are of a great disservice when imparting a death sentence like that, and in her case they flat out lied as she’s still among us, thankfully.  I proceeded to tell her that we will be celebrating her birthday in May and she’s not going anywhere.  I’m reminded how fragile life can be and you just never know when you will see someone for the last time.

The owners notified us that we’d overstayed our welcome as closing time elapsed we hugged and made plans to meet up for a beer at a neighborhood joint in the near future.  I then popped into Affinity Salon & Spa to say hello and check up on another client.  Katie was just finishing up a haircut as we chatted for a few minutes and made plans to meet for a drink after she closed up shop.  I had a presentation for WNY Blues Society and stopped by a friend’s place on the way to retrieve a coupon for massage.  I arrived plenty early to Crazy Jake’s where Kimberly served me a Downtown Brown Ale and a Portobello Mushroom sandwich.  I’m confident I hit it off with members of the society as they moved through a long agenda giving me the floor for a few minutes to describe how we can lower their rates and promote their events.  My people skills made up for the lack of knowledge I’m still gaining as I learn the industry.  And I’m really starting to dig the blues.

Katie met up with me after the meeting and we enjoyed several beverages over good conversation.  She really has herself together at such a young age owning a business and taking the reins with her life.  I got to witness her shrewd negotiation skills when we were approached by a beer rep urging us to try the Apricot Wheat on tap.  He offered a couple bumper stickers with the company logo and promised that if we drink the last pint from the keg that we’d be given T-shirts.  Katie immediately interjected that it would make way more sense to just give us the shirts if we buy a couple pints, rather than simply tossing the stickers into the garbage.  The rep was silenced for a moment before replying that he’ll see what he can do.  I was impressed by her firm position and we did get a pair of shirts before the night was through.

So my wife just announced that she’s renting a pod and will begin packing her belongings this weekend in advance preparation for an imminent move.  Apparently, she is going to start working full-time and will be too busy if we sell the house before the semester ends.  It’s great that she’s being so proactive, yet my concern is for the expenditure on a storage unit given our extremely tight budget.  I caught myself moving toward an upset and nipped it in the bud by biting my lip.  What will be will be.  The more open I am to the process without resistance the smoother it will flow.  And I’ve got plenty of gigs to keep me preoccupied these days drama-free.  Once again I’m moving forward by going back.

In common wealth,