I woke up this morning and turned on the TV, which I rarely do these days, and it was an infomercial for a beverage product that mitigates inflammation.  My shoulder feels noticeably better this morning for the first time in a week, likely due to a good night’s sleep for the first time in several days after a string of late night outings.  I’m gaining traction in the credit card business, although the schedule has taken a toll.  There’s always a price to pay in pursuit of a goal and this weekend is earmarked for rest and recovery, including a sweat lodge this afternoon to purify in mind, body and spirit.

I met my folks out at the beach house last night and we made our way over to Newcomb-Long Post 928 for dinner.  I ordered the fish fry platter and gorged myself as I prepare for a new regimen including calorie modification with regular cardio-vascular activity.  I’m refraining from upper body weight-lifting for at least another week to allow my shoulder sufficient rest.  Even now as I’m typing I feel heavy eyes signaling the need for a bit more sleep.  I may go stretch out on the sofa after completing this post.  I know the sweat lodge will serve as a catalyst for even deeper restfulness tonight.

I had an upset with my wife yesterday morning upon inquiring whether or not she had met with her lawyer to initiate the divorce proceeding.  She stated she had met with him, paid the retainer and received “information” to which I responded, “I just don’t want there to be any surprises in the proceeding and my father will review everything before I sign off.”  She perceived my words as a threat, stating as such, and I assured her I am only protecting my interest in the matter.  Things escalated some as she proclaimed her strong desire to get it done and move on, to which I nodded in agreement adding, “I can’t wait to drive by this place in the future and laugh to myself that I actually wasted part of my life in this house.”  She did not take kindly to my words as tears welled up I apologized assuring her that I wish nothing but the best for her in life.  I made it clear that I’d like to maintain communication as friends and get a text or call when something great happens like a new job or meeting someone even.  We embraced and went on with our day, separate and equal.

In common wealth,