I wound up venturing out to attend my first ever Winterfest @ Stockman’s Tavern & Grove yesterday where folks gathered for some winter fun despite the lack of snow on the ground.  Scott was a bit bummed that he couldn’t offer his patrons sleigh rides as he had in years past; however, he didn’t skip a beat cranking out made-to-order brick-oven pizzas on a chilly February afternoon.  I split one with Steve washing it down with a cold Genesee in the bottle followed up by a hot-butter rum for dessert before migrating inside to warm up and visit with Shannon who was a most gracious hostess behind the bar.  The Sabres were putting the finishing touches on a convincing victory on home ice while La Villa Strangiato blared from the jukebox.  You know a joint is cool when someone spins a 10 minute instrumental by the Canadian power trio Rush.

After several hours taking in some karaoke, blacksmithing and beverages we headed out to grab a bite to eat and call it a day.  We settled on Kabab & Curry for some fine Pakistani & Indian cuisine on a quiet Sunday evening.  I indulged in the Baingan Bharta dipping the garlic naan bread liberally and washing down with ice-cold lemon water to rehydrate.  Steve naturally struck up conversation with our server, Rosanna, who was exceptionally gregarious and receptive as we complimented her on the restaurant’s delightful ambiance and food.  And of course mention of our charge card processing and complimentary social marketing services were suggested as she accepted a business card to pass along to the owners.  With bellies full we parted ways Steve heading back to Rochester and I back to my domicile in Hamburg.

Later this afternoon I’m heading over to my dear friends’ Matt & Amy’s place for our bi-weekly Commonwealth meeting.  We had made plans to meet out at the beach and light a fire before sitting down to a meal, but there’s a plumbing issue at the beach house that cannot be resolved until we have the town turn the municipal water supply back on.  So we will gather as we have for nearly a year and a half now to share our thoughts, feelings and insights with one another over a nourishing meal.  They are among my favorite people on the planet and it is invariably a blessing to share space with them on a regular interval.

In common wealth,