I managed to get a good, albeit truncated night’s sleep arising at 5 am to check on the overnight snowfall.  Sure enough there was sufficient accumulation to warrant plowing our customers and I was out the door after shoveling my driveway to clear the walks at the storage facility.  After a stop at the grocery store where I filled out a customer feedback form regarding snow-covered shopping carts I returned home feeling as though I could benefit from more sleep.  However, I’m too programmed to go back to bed once I’m up for the day and will be seeking a fuller night’s slumber tonight.  I’ve got plans for Happy Hour at O’Neill’s Stadium Inn with members of the co-ed softball team and fortunately will be getting an early start meaning early to bed.

Yesterday I enjoyed a thorough full body massage and continue to note improvement in the shoulder.  If I’m able to apprehend my proclivity for physical activity a bit longer I’m confident that I will regain full use in time for the landscape season.  In this present transitional period I’m practicing rowing my boat more gently down the stream, and while there are still rapids to navigate at times I’m finding that surrendering a greater degree of control is yielding numerous benefits, namely peace of mind and warmth of heart.  My tendency is to paddle like a m-fer through all classes of rapids and even through the calm waters just to “get there.”  Yet, in life there is never a destination, only checkpoints along an infinite, eternal journey; merrily but a dream.

This daily log as it were is serving its purpose of cataloging and indexing the variety of events in this leg of my journey; however, I feel as though it is lacking some of the heart and soul it had in the initial stages several weeks hence.  I guess what I’ve been viewing it as is something of a popcorn trail allowing me to find my way back out of the woods once I’ve completed this epoch.  I have this notion, perhaps a bit romanticized, that at some not-too-distant point in the future I will create the time and space to expound upon the insights gleaned amid these meanderings.  Right now I’m in survival mode scraping by on unemployment benefits while keeping my head above water.  I’d like to see what I could mold from this hunk of clay refining it into a masterpiece without any concern for paying the bills.  So I’m putting it out there that this time next year I will have the time and space to do so.  In the meantime I will continue to row.

In common wealth,