Here I am having stayed out way past my bedtime once again listening to a Beatles mix on You Tube sorting it out on a cool cloudy Friday morning.  The open mic outing with my sister, brother-in-law and a few other members of the co-ed softball team made for good times, including some impressive amateur performances by local musicians.  The opening act featured a couple young fellas on acoustic guitars serving up a diverse set from Sublime to Tom Petty to Rush to Michael Jackson and Eminem.  It’s the second time I’ve been at O’Neill’s Stadium Inn for open mic night as a crowd of mostly 20-somethings packed the bar area rocking out to cover tune after cover tune.  I closed out the night with a pint of Irish Ale before saying goodbye to Laney who was patiently waiting for one of her favorite acts to take the stage.  There’s no question that music is the language of the soul.

I had every intention to get to the gym this morning and have not yet ruled it out.  Later this afternoon I have a couple important meetings including one with Ben who is my realtor and also business partner in Ambit and landscaping.  We’ve got much to review and plan as the season and Plantasia are now less than a month away.  After that I’m off to Williamsville to interview an inquiry who replied to a Craigslist post seeking Small Business Consultants and look forward to the possibility of bringing someone aboard as I grow the EMS Buffalo office.  I’ve sent out a pair of cost-savings proposals this week and in anticipation of my first deal on the books by next week.  Stephanie has some techie skills that could prove to be a valuable asset.  What we need to determine, however, is whether there is sufficient chemistry for a working relationship.  This will be the first time I will be on the other side of a professional interview and I’m more interested in learning about her values and dreams than posing the garden variety set of questions.

My day will then segue into a dinner party with close friends of the family with an invite to yet another social affair thereafter.  My brother-in-law’s buddy is rounding up a crew to celebrate a milestone birthday at Cole’s on Elmwood Ave.  I just don’t see myself having yet another late night out, as much as I’m enjoying the renaissance of my social life I won’t allow it to come at the expense of my well-being.  I touched upon this yesterday at lunch with a friend who is down and out on her luck.  To be of any valuable service in this life begins with taking care of one self.  And as we grow we’ve got more to share with others emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.  A tear came to her eye as we concluded our lunch visit and I could tell she was inspired in spite of difficult life circumstances.  Yeah let it be, well there will be an answer, let it be…

In common wealth,