I’m noticing a trend of late by the time the weekend arrives I’m pretty much exhausted from weekday festivities, this most recent week notwithstanding.  I was completely drained yesterday and felt a sadness overcome me.  Nonetheless, I managed to stay out until midnight at a gathering with family and friends for drinks, laughter and a feast.  So here I am on a Saturday afternoon with low energy having just taken a rare daytime nap in an effort to recharge the battery.  My wife is in the other room playing some oldies and I’m streaming the final scene from Zabriskie Point with music by Pink Floyd.  A light coating of the white stuff clings to green grass on something of a melancholy day.

I did manage to make my way downtown to meet up with The School of Everything at Spot Coffee for their weekly brainstorming session.  I enjoyed the conversation among Linda, Laura, Valerie, Eric and myself, later joined by Albert.  It was nice to plug-in and get updated on the status of Occupy Buffalo since their eviction from Niagara Square.  There is a lead for a rehabbed house on the East Side which can serve as a “hub” in a temporary setting.  The Justice Dialogues continue on a twice weekly basis and there is community outreach into area colleges as well, including a “teach-out” at Erie Community College where several classes of students were informed on pervasive, yet sublime economic, cultural and psychological conditions.  In all there are 5 “streams” of activity wherein members can get involved, or the option to essentially create a stream that is personally inspiring.  The movement may be off the map, but it is certainly not eradicated from the territory.

I have a 40th birthday bash this evening on the West Side and I could easily stay in to continue the recharge.  I may go out to the beach house and bring a book, or perhaps watch Friday Night Lights lent to me by a friend recently.  Of course, I could also rent Godfather I, II and III as my business partner Steve assigned to me as “homework” a couple of weeks ago.  The run of 4 nights out in a row has taken a wonderful toll and it will be collected in one form or another.  I think I might grab a Subway Eat Fresh for dinner, but first I really need a shower.  Speaking of needs all of mine are met.  I’ve got abundant air to breathe, water to drink and food to ingest with a habitat to sustain me.  Life is good.

In common wealth,