In a couple hours we’ll have some prospective homebuyers coming through to determine if they can see themselves living in this space.  I have a batch of chocolate chip cookies in the oven to provide an extra special sense of warmth appealing to emotions.  Undoubtedly home-shopping is a highly emotional process as one considers where they will put down roots and share their most intimate moments in life.  For me, it’s merely a place to hang my hat and enjoy a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of life.  And the less maintenance required the better in my opinion, meaning I could very well be a lifelong tenant once this house is sold.  I became quite angry as my wife and I cleaned and organized to ensure a welcoming environment for our guests.  It was a poignant reminder of the gulf between us as we move on from here.

Last night I greatly enjoyed a solo “date night” taking in a gridiron classic Friday Night Lights starring Billy Bob Thornton as the head coach of Permian High coming up 1 yard shy of the highly coveted Texas state championship in 1988.  I was reminded how much I value solitude and how rare it had become as a married man stretching myself ever thinner in a vain attempt to secure something outside myself.  Now that I’ve gleaned so much learning and growth from the trials and tribulations of marriage I’m excited about the opportunity to refine my awareness as a spiritual being having this human experience.  I recall a powerful message in meditation when I first started a practice over 10 years ago, “Your greatest partnership is with yourself.”  In looking outside myself for this bond I’ve suffered immensely.

After the cookies are finished baking I’m packing up and heading out to the beach where I may be joined by my friends Matt & Amy.  They are mulling over what they feel called to do on this calm, cool Sunday.  Either way I’m going to take a stroll along the lake shore and perhaps light a fire from the abundance of washed up driftwood.  Fire has a way of bringing one into the present moment and connecting with all that is, one of many gifts from God.  Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit…

In common wealth,