Things are really picking up momentum in terms of business ventures and right now managing all these irons in the fire has my head spinning a bit.  We’re just a few weeks away from Plantasia with much to sort out in preparing for our first experience as an exhibitor.  I’m excited about our “green theme” with the greenhouse comprised of re-used windows, pavers made from recycled tires, a vertical planter with 1 liter soda pop bottles and an arbor constructed of locally harvested and milled timber.  The key is to differentiate ourselves without overextending our area of skill and expertise.  We will be telling our story in a visual context.  I spoke with the chairman of the event this morning and he said we can expect upwards of 12,000 visitors over the 4 day period.  There will be a wonderful opportunity to establish our company and vision.

I’m a bit groggy after enjoying a happy hour bar hop starting at Stockman’s Tavern & Grove before migrating to The Deuce Bar & Grill to close out the evening.  Katie and I shot a round of darts and shared some laughs with Shannon over a couple beers at Stockman’s before changing venues where Katie’s friend Emily was bartending.  At The Deuce we enjoyed some spicy hot $1 tacos as we watched the Daytona 500 delayed by a nasty wreck with about 70 laps to the checkered flag.  My shoulder was tweaking so bad I had a headache until taking an ibuprofen.  This morning when I awoke I’d noticed immediately that the pain was alleviated and perhaps the anti-inflammatory had catalyzed a deep, healing sleep.  Whatever the case I offered thanks and proceeded with my day.

After breakfast at Nelson’s Ridge, where we will be lowering their processing rates, followed by grocery shopping at Wegman’s I spent the morning making phone calls, replying to emails and organizing the emerging chaos.  It’s now afternoon and things have settled down to the point where I can engage in this daily log, which serves as something of a catalog with multiple, interwoven indices.  It’s gorgeous outside once again and I’m tempted to make a trip to the beach, but with gas prices where they’re at I defer.  Today is earmarked for some “down time” here in the home office, the international headquarters of Phaedrus Ventures.  I do have one more item on the agenda for the afternoon, after which the remainder of the day is open.  I’m feeling fortuitous.

In common wealth,


“Because if it didn’t start out right, it’s never going to be right. It’s like going out with a guy you don’t find attractive; no matter how nice he is, you’re never gonna want to fuck him.”
― Kenny ShopsinEat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin