Here I am pondering on this leap day 2012 shortly after getting served divorce papers.  My heart sank upon receipt of the document and it was not unlike the feeling when you’re getting a graded paper or exam returned in school.  There’s a sense of dread and defeat followed by relief.  And so now I’m feeling mellow as the anti-climatic moment has passed.  I’ll be heading over to my parents later today to have my father review the paperwork and in the interim I feel as though I could sleep away the afternoon.  However, I think instead that I’ll head to the gym for a workout once my lunch has had sufficient time to digest.

There’s really not much to report right now, although as I reflect upon recent entries I recognize that a fair amount of events and insights have been omitted.  I suppose it’s quite a challenge to fully recount the majority of life’s experiences and understanding.  We have an extra day of winter in a season that’s been anything but wintry.  I feel the desire to build something and create, yet I’ve been morosely idle of late.  There are many projects to be completed amongst friends and family, not to mention business.  Resting and down time are a blessing, yet I often wrestle when served a large helping of it.  All is as it should be and I’m alive.

In common wealth,