Ok let’s slow it down some, please.  I’ve become a social media nut in recent days operating multiple “ninja” accounts and it’s gettin’ kinda hectic.  I’m no stranger to the computer screen having spent 40 hours a week confined to a 6 x 6 cubicle in a past life.  I’m really looking forward to the start of the landscape season being out and about meeting prospective customers while in between appointments helping out on the job site for one of the best workouts known to man.  I really need to get to the gym this afternoon before heading out later to catch some Blues at The Iris Restaurant in Amherst.  I feel stale and stagnant.

This transformational self re-invention has gained momentum and I’m reminded that breathing deeply is important.  I was warned in a letter from the NYS Thruway Authority for speeding in an EZ Pass lane at 25 mph.  A second violation could result in suspense of my account.  Either way, the message is clear to slow it down and maybe even smell the roses, metaphorically speaking of course as we’ve yet to reach the growing season.  My mind is scattered with a mild headache creeping in.  Seems lots of folks are battling symptoms of late, including my father who said he’s come down with a cold.  I’d like to get more sleep, although with so much going on right now I’m equally devoted to productivity in my waking hours.

Right now my plate is quite full and while I’ve always had a healthy appetite I wouldn’t mind clearing off a helping to two.  Now that I’ve liberated myself from a good portion of worldly illusions I’m champing at the bit to carry out my soul mission on a grander scale.  What I thought would bring me fulfillment and a sense of purpose had instead guided me to very restricted spaces, both in the world of form and within my soul.  The security I sought outside myself and approval from the herd resulted in great suffering.  Now that I’m once again exploring the kingdom within there is a renewed enthusiasm for life and the wondrous potentialities of existence.  And at the same time loving myself just the way I am.

In common wealth,