If you’d asked me what is the fastest growing sport in North America over the last 10 years I can assure you that Roller Derby would not have come to mind.  Indeed that is what the public address announcer proudly exclaimed before introducing players from the NY All-stars and PA All-stars at the Seneca Allegany Community Center in Salamanca, NY.  I was joined by my good friends Matt, Amy, Mark and Courtney, along with their 2 little ones Henry Oak and Nola Jane, for an evening of jamming.  The PA team put a good whooping on NY, both the A and B level teams.  A couple of the girls were intimidating even to me at 6’3″ and 240 pounds I’m not so sure they wouldn’t lay an elbow or hip check that could throw me to the floor.  There was one with dreadlocks. however, wearing short red daisy dukes that had some long, sexy, tan legs.  She scored points in bunches as the jammer with PA going on to a rout by halftime in both contests.  I could see myself dating a roller girl.

We didn’t stay for the second half and instead made our way back through the rolling hills of Cat Country caravan style to Mark & Courtney’s homestead on 29 acres in Humphrey.  I had very little left in the tank and so I was not much fun when it came to socializing.  We had a nourishing potluck including salad, homemade French onion soup and guacamole washed down with a craft beer and some kefir water.  It wasn’t long thereafter I made my way to the sofa with heavy eyelids stretching out to snooze.  I awoke around midnight with Courtney, Amy and Matt finishing up dishes as Court prepared me a place to crash with pillows and blankets.  When the lights were turned out so was I.

I slept deeply awaking to a somewhat hysterical Henry Oak in the bedroom down the hall.  I had a couple vivid dreams including being at a bar in my socks and standing at a urinal with piss on the floor.  I got up to relieve myself and laid back down as the house became quiet at daybreak.  I got in another hour of sleep before Henry was up for good this time coming out to talk with me as I shook off the fog.  He pointed me in the direction of the coffee filters and I quickly prepared a pot soon joined by the others who were delighted awaking to the aroma.  Mark built a fire and we sang a few native songs before offering tobacco as a symbolic gesture of prayer.  Breakfast then followed as Mark went to work in the kitchen like a magician juggling multiple pans on the range.  I hopped in to whip up pancakes from scratch and we indulged in a feast worthy of royalty.

After some more visiting I packed up my things and gave hugs in departure with much gratitude for the unparalleled hospitality offered up by my dear friends.  There’s something powerful about sleeping in a secluded wooded setting that is quite therapeutic, if not cathartic.  The forest is just being a forest, maples are being maples and oaks are being oaks without any identity confusion.  It makes for a highly accepting environment, a vibration of love that we do not experience in the hustle and bustle of the mass production zone.  Too often we tend to burden ourselves with “fitting in” or “looking good” and neglect to honor our individuality and unique soul identity.  While we share the same genetic code the blueprint never results in 2 made precisely the same.  I am the Alpha and Omega.  I am the only one of me and you are the only one of you.  Wrap it up.

In common wealth,