Following a good stretch of the upper and lower body I’m feeling a bit more loose, although noticeably tight across several muscle groups.  I had reached a breaking point with my anger, which is steeped in an imprinted rhythm and pattern, typically a series of seemingly trivial vagaries, slow computer, texts, voice mail, data, things-to-do with no end in sight that morph into an avalanche of outbursts.  The surrender came when I was unable to retrieve a code necessary to reset the audio system in my truck, this after leaving the keys in the ignition in the forward position for several hours, thus draining the battery dead.  The Owner’s Manual refers to this mystical “Radio Code Card” in some foreign document entitled “Owner’s Manual Kit.”  I have no clue where the f%^* this information is embedded, or if I’d ever in fact received such a code.  Nonetheless, I was able to speak aloud, “I feel really helpless right now.”  I wonder if my wife overheard me in the other room, which mattered not as I immediately came to a peaceful moment.

My body is a bit achy, a good achy, after an honest day’s labor out at the beach house.  My father, mother and I gathered with tools and materials to re-enforce the garage frame, which has begun to bow as a result of rot along the footer.  Several studs strategically positioned in areas of greatest load atop concrete pavers (to avert contact with standing water) and I’m confident we’ve extended the life of the 54 year-old structure for another decade.  My parents were wiped out by the end of the workday and I was feeling the fatigue after several hours of moving, sawing, securing, sweeping, re-arranging and so on and so forth.  I love my folks and because I am my own man we get along really well.  I have a very mature relationship with my parents and to spend time together in this fastidious world is really a gift.  This is how a legacy is born.

I missed a day without making a post and yesterday was quite the whirlwind of interwoven responsibilities requiring me to be in several places in a narrow window of time, all of which I managed to pull of quite nicely.  I feel like a good night’s sleep is in order, but not before I dispense with some of the goings on and meanderings.  My wife and I have agreed that we’d like to be friends as the divorce becomes final.  It was a nice moment of honoring one another and such a paradox in that becoming friends first is generally the basis for a long-term relationship.  Just how “long” is “long-term” these days?  That would be an interesting poll to conduct.  I digress.  It is my understanding now that our contract with one another has been carried out and the nature of the bond is merely shifting in form.  How often we stay in touch and how heartfelt the words remain to be seen.

In common wealth,