Feel like shit this morning with symptoms of a cold, or perhaps flu, including chest congestion and sinus inflammation.  I’ve managed to get myself sufficiently run down lowering immune defenses and allowing a pathogen to flourish in a stressed environment.  With so much going on right now my head has been spinning and I have not been very present.  I attended the monthly meeting of the WNYSNLA as a guest last night and among the topics of focus is Plantasia 2012, which the organization is responsible for hosting.  It was a great opportunity to meet members and officers of the association.  We have a great deal to accomplish in preparation for the show now just 10 days away including construction of an arbor and well, logo design, business cards, product deposits and more.  Nick was offered a promotion to a sales position with Davey Tree and will now be serving in a limited capacity as the business gets off the ground.  I’m finally at a break point where I need to slow down, breathe more deeply and embrace faith over fear.

Yesterday’s activities also included a meeting with Chris at his downtown office to review information we want uploaded to social media accounts for The Nights of Champions coming up on May 23rd at Statler City.  This volunteer project is now consuming more of my precious time and it is a cause that I hold dear having volunteered as a camp counselor for inner city youth in years past.  The fundraiser brings more prominent members of the local community into the fold while defraying some of the expenses involved with running a 4 night, 5 day camp full of outdoor activities.  A couple of hours had passed and I realized the meter was expired where I’d parked.  Chris handed me his keys and instructed me to grab a police tag from his dashboard and place it upon mine to avert a violation.  He said he’s never paid for parking outside his office and never had a ticket.  I get the sense that he is someone who essentially has a key to the city.  During our meeting he took a couple of business calls, including a heated exchange pertaining to a deal he’s working on to launch a new wellness company with a retired Buffalo Bill.  He also served me some stuffed banana peppers for lunch before I gathered up my notes and a CD containing nearly 300 images for last year’s event and camps over the years.  I’ve got a couple hours of sorting ahead of me.

My mother celebrated her 62nd birthday yesterday and we will gather this weekend with my siblings to have dinner.  I believe the exertion outdoors the other day was the straw that broke this camel’s back.  Nonetheless, I’m delighted we completed that project as several more remain including a new fence, deck and grading at their primary residence.  I thought I would go to the gym this morning, but there’s no way I’m up to it.  At this point I’m going to need extra gumption just to make it to the store to retrieve a few groceries.  I’ve got plans to meet up with a former co-worker for happy hour later today and may have to re-schedule depending upon how much I progress as the day unfurls.  Right now I better wrap this up and log off for a bit.  Physical depletion is invariably humbling.

In common wealth,