Feeling some improvement since yesterday, although still sneezing like a mo fo.  My wife had a POD delivered this morning and she’s busy packing items into boxes.  I helped her load the first round of totes and as she prepares another round I thought I’d drop by and say hi.  I have no idea how many folks are reading my blog and I always welcome feedback as this site does allow you to post comments.  I enjoyed some insightful “private” feedback yesterday from a reader north of the border in Canada.  Vanessa and I enjoyed a mutually informative exchange via text message and it is such a blessing to connect with others of like-mind, particularly amid this period of upheaval and transition.

I procured my third statement this morning from the owner-proprietors at Nelson’s Ridge, a new diner in Lackawanna.  I enjoyed my usual early bird special- eggs, home fries and sourdough toast with coffee.  The server Darcell revealed her lower abdomen to me, exposing herself not merely for my delight, but to show a second degree burn she’d received from spilling hot water for tea.  It was a gruesome sight, although being an attractive woman the burnt skin was notably off-set by a glimpse of her undies.  I admit I was caught off guard, although greatly appreciated the exposure.  The owners John and David were hospitable as always sending me off with a satisfied belly.  We’re looking forward to lowering their rates and helping grow their client base through social media.

I sold my ticket to Melvin Seals last night to a very enthused friend of a friend.  With showtime slated for 11 pm there’s no way I can do a late night great night with everything on my plate right now, not to mention fending off this cold.  The remainder of the day is carved out for assisting with the urge to purge followed by a relaxing evening in.  There’s various and sundry tasks in preparation for Plantasia and The Night of Champions to address as well.  I’ve got a movie to watch, A Course in Miracles, lent to me by my dear friends Matt & Amy.  I was over at their sanctuary last night for a delicious home-cooked meal.  They’ve also extended their spare room to me as a crash pad.  They are some of the greatest people I know and to count them among my friends is truly a blessing.  We have an appointment for a viewing of the house tomorrow at 2 pm, at which time I will be naked on a table receiving much-needed massage from a student I’d enrolled years ago at the local massage institute.  Carpe diem.

In common wealth,