Today was a gorgeous sunny blue sky ensemble and a productive one too.  After a slow start to the morning adjusting to the clocks forward an hour and stil recovering from a cold, or perhaps a mild poisoning from sweeping out the garage at the beach house last week, I made my way down to Gowanda to work with Nick and his father Nolan on features for Plantasia.  We got a nice coat of white paint on the exterior of the greenhouse which gave it a “neater” look tying together the hodge-podge of used windows in various shapes and sizes.  Ben stopped down to review the plans for the arbor which remains a pile of rough-hewn hemlock for the time being.  There’s much to be completed, including print materials.  I have a brochure that I put together with my first attempt on Microsoft Publisher and am just waiting on a final logo proof to paste in.  Yes, it’s all coming together now.

On the ride home I felt light-headed and actually had to pull over for a minute to get my bearings.  I had blown my nose into a napkin and my ears plugged resulting in a sudden episode of vertigo and nausea.  After a few moments the waves subsided and I continued the drive northward on 62 with an appetite for Subway Eat Fresh.  The stress levels reached a peak earlier this week and have since been replaced with sheer exhaustion.  The massage yesterday was delightful and highly therapeutic.  From there I headed over to my brother Dan’s place to join my sister Erinn, brother-in-law Gary and my parents Jim and Susan to celebrate my mother’s birthday.  Dan put together a scrumptious chicken Teryaki with basmati rice to satiate.  Following dinner and a rendition of “Happy Birthday” we watched the Sabres defeat the Ottawa Senators before making my way home to hit the hay.

If this coming week doesn’t completely grind me to the bone I anticipate an extraordinary degree of progress on various irons in the fire.  I’m reminded to breathe deeply, surrender to the Universe and push forward in gratitude.  For the most part it is an inspired process, although there is undeniably fear that depletes me.  It’s almost like I get so passionate about something I’m working on that it consumes me.  I’m admittedly a perfectionist and designing a 1,200 sq. ft landscape display going just on dimensions without a mental image of the site is really pushing my buttons.  I feel like had I been to Plantasia as a visitor in the past it would be immensely helpful.  I must concede that I do not have that luxury and shall proceed in faith.  It’s becoming apparent that this event is more of an exercise in faith than anything else.

In common wealth,