I just spent the last couple hours assisting my wife with packing some more items into the POD, including an old school clunky entertainment center, curio and table set.  I would estimate she has 50% of her possessions now packed up.  It’s funny because I could literally make 3 or 4 runs in my mid-size truck and be done with a move in the matter of a day or less.  We worked better today than we have since the divorce and move have begun.  I’m wondering if it has anything to do with my relaxed disposition in the wake of spending an overnight with a lady friend where we indulged in a pleasurable exchange.  My wife is also noticeably subdued, perhaps worn down from all the upheaval and dissonance in recent weeks.  In any event, it feels calmer and is becoming clearer that while we both held great expectations for the union, it was intended to be a catalyst for transformation as we prepare to part in separate, but equal ways.  From this vantage point it feels more like fulfillment of a sacred contract than hopeless dissolution.

I am quite exhausted as the preceding evening’s festivities began with a corn beef and cabbage feast hosted by my cousins Mike and Kim at their lovely estate in Williamsville.  After a delicious meal with family and a few beers we watched the Sabres pull to within 2 points of a playoff berth following an OT victory before I headed over to Cherie’s place.  She had actually given me a massage a couple of days prior and the energy was favorable for a more intimate interaction.  They say the fortune is in the follow-up and I’m reminded of this truth often in life.  I think we fell asleep to Clash of the Titans and awoke to the sound of a harp on her iPhone.  I could have slept another couple of hours easily, but instead made my way home stopping at Nelson’s Ridge for cocoa banana pancakes with copious cups of coffee to wash it down.  John wasn’t available to review the proposal I’d submitted to lower their processing rates and so I mosied on with a full tummy.

Finances are getting real tight and I take responsibility for a bit of a spree on the nightlife scene in recent weeks.  I’ll have to pull back the reigns on personal spending.  Fortunately, landscaping season looks to be starting perhaps as early as the week after Plantasia, speaking of which, I’m still waiting on the logo in .jpeg format to complete printing of our brochures and business cards.  I’m done stressing about stuff and just going to allow it to go down however it is meant to go down at this point.  That’s really how it will be anyway, and fretting does nothing but rob one of precious life force.  I got an invite to join my favorite peeps Matt & Amy for dinner and am going to take them up on it.  The remainder of the week looks to be rather pleasant as unseasonably mild temperatures continue.  Nya:weh!

In common wealth,