March 15, 2012

March madness

An unbelievable record-breaking weather pattern has settled into the region as I just returned from a 4×4 cruise on the beach that felt more like late spring than late winter.  Life has been a bit of an electrifying pace of late with the various endings and beginnings unfurling.  I dropped off the final draft of the Plantasia brochure at Office Max which will be spinning off 250 copies for us, along with nametags and a digital copy of our floor plan to be submitted to WNYSNLA for pre-approval.  On the way out here I also hand-delivered a printout of our liability insurance certificate to our agent, without which the committee would shut us down.  And here I am now with windows open allowing into a cool house the warmer air from outside.  Salubrious.

This will likely be the last time I’m out here for a couple of weeks with the holiday weekend ahead followed by the show.  The time change continues to take a toll on me as exhaustion, compounded by all the hoopla, persists.  La dolce far niente is how I describe it when I’m blessed to retreat here lakeside.  I have the Syracuse vs. UNC-Ashville first round game on TV while enjoying an ice-cold beer for happy hour.  The storm front that came through this morning appears to have dumped a fair amount of precipitation down this way as the driveway and lawn both hold standing water.  Down by the lakeshore the minor tributaries that empty into the lake were flowing steadfast indicating a heavy downpour upon the watershed upstream.  I posted a pic online and a friend immediately commented with a suggestion to become a “water keeper.”  I’m gonna check it out.

My wife is busy back home packing more boxes and wrapping some larger items like the dining room table in plastic film.  I haven’t packed a darn thing thus far, and other than selling off or donating a few items to the Goodwill, you’d never guess a move was imminent.  There remains this romantic notion that somehow I can emerge from the divorce retaining the house, but I really don’t want to have the responsibility of home ownership right now.  My career and business goals are taking priority and once those have gained sufficient traction, producing financial returns and the like, I can turn my attention toward a homestead.  Living frugal and simple is the focus for now, and in some respects, I reckon this will remain a point of emphasis regardless of any material success going forward.

Last night was a good time gathering with cousins raising a pint in honor of my cousin Rick who completes his 35th trip around the sun today.  We started out at Cozumel on Elmwood, notorious for its outdoor seating on the strip, before migrating to Blue Monk with enough craft beers on tap to make your head swirl.  I enjoyed a nice opportunity to visit with my cousin Mike and his wife Kim, discussing the peculiar twist of events that lead to their union nearly 5 years ago.  At the time I was a bachelor and living large in my own pad before exploring the rabbit hole of marriage.  While I crave female companionship at times, entering into an exclusive, “serious relationship” with someone is not even on my radar.  I’ve got too much work to do and if a woman wants to enjoy my company it’s going to be on my terms.  Dig.

A halftime stroll back down to the beach proved quite invigorating as I made my way south, the opposite direction I had explored on the quad a couple of hours ago.  The gully wash in that direction was significantly greater than what I had traversed earlier in the day.  Pondering alongside the water has a way of distilling some fine understanding of matters. The ego immerses us and engages with the world of form, yet form is not inherently evil.  Form is merely a vessel.  Rather, it is our beliefs about forms that full fill them often pulling us into suffering, and the ensuing illusion of reality.  Ego is simply serving its purpose.  We have a tie ballgame late in the second half as history could be made should SU succumb to UNC-Ashville in this round one matchup.

Before arriving back to headquarters I happened upon some new faces in the neighborhood.  I introduced myself to Jake, Neil and Steve, tenants in the 4 bedroom house to the left of the access road.  They were busy piling up branches from a pair of felled willow trees in preparation for a fire.  I explained that my folks are members of the Association and that we’re out here as often as schedules permit.  I also warned them about the residents on the house at the bend of the road, a pair of sisters who like to make it known that they’re the mayor of these parts.  I shared an incidence where I had a run-in with them after relieving myself in the woods adjacent to their property.  I told the boys I’m recently divorced and available for the ladies.  They assured me that I’ve come to the right place and to stop in to see them next time I’m around.  I’m looking forward to a fun summer.

In common wealth,


A universal theology is impossible…a universal experience is not only possible, but necessary. – A Course in Miracles