I just returned from a cruise on the 4×4 to catch the sunset over the lake on a night that feels more like late May than March.  It’s been a long week that began with shenanigans for St. Patrick’s Day a week ago continuing right on through to Plantasia, which is by all accounts going superbly.  Despite hitting a few snags along the way- a flat tire on the dump trailer, a delay on arrival of the stage and an oversight on adding cement to the concrete curb- we did win an award and have received numerous compliments from visitors to our exhibit.  The exhaustion persists, although I did take in a good night’s sleep last night.  I’m now alone at the beach house sipping a Genny Light pounder whilst watching the Sabres attempt to secure a playoff berth verses the top team in the conference, the New York Rangers.  I feel wealthy.

Ever since we began setting up earlier this week I’ve had periodic moments where I’ve felt tears welling up.  I cannot pinpoint the source of the emotion, although I suspect it has something to do with grieving the recent changes taking place in my life.  Perhaps it is also relating to fatigue and utter exhaustion from the tremendous labor required to pull off this gig while not getting sufficient sleep to rejuvenate.  I suppose it is simply all part of the human experience as a spiritual being.  At times I feel puny and insignificant, and at other times I feel a prevailing poise and sense of purpose.  It is only when I judge myself and how I feel that I spiral down.  Either way I just keep going like an Energizer bunny.

There were times today when I wanted to shut myself inside the storage shed in our display and not talk to anyone.  In other instances I was pouring forth with information and enthusiasm while interacting with prospective customers, in which case there was ample opportunity to generate leads for the business.  I did manage to sell the discounted pavers to a woman I know from Wegman’s along with her husband.  We also had several serious inquiries on the arbor.  Later in the afternoon we were approached by an auctioneer seeking to elicit our participation for a final day clearance sale to move inventory before the show closes, for a piece of the action mind you.  If we can recoup some of our investment for a reasonable price while minimizing holding costs it is a no-brainer.

It is such a blessing to have access to this beach house retreat, particularly amid a period of intense transition from an old life to a new one.  I desire some female companionship; however, times like these it is essential to nourish the soul with solitary refinement.  There is no shortage of potential companions and it would be ideal to enjoy the company of one with whom there is a mutual understanding of simply enjoying time together with little to no expectation of a future.  I guess this is known as a “friends with benefits” arrangement, and that would be copacetic with me.  Invariably though it seems one party gets more emotionally invested than the other and things become messy, if not nasty.

I bumped into an old friend I hadn’t seen since I moved out of my aunt and uncle’s apartment in Amherst before I’d got married.  Colleen is also a designer working for Mischler’s Florist and now living in an artist colony downtown.  We exchanged business cards as she promised to refer landscaping to us and in return I offered to refer retail customers to her.  She shared a vision to acquire land somewhere in the Southern Tier, not too far from the urban core, and set up shop growing culinary and ornamental herbs.  I’d mentioned that this is a vision I’d once held and have recently been reconsidering, along with going in on a parcel of land with like-minded friends.  It was a peculiar synchronicity, especially since I’d crossed paths with another industry pro earlier in the day who had admonished the son of one of his colleagues for seeking a communal lifestyle.  To each his or her own.

The downsizing trend toward simplicity remains appealing, even as I pursue a degree of material wealth in my business endeavors.  Last night as I caught up on emails and social media activity a friend checked in on chat reiterating her intention to visit Plantasia over the weekend.  Her daughter did the artwork on the rain barrel in our display, which she entitled “Sunshower.”  After going back and forth for a couple of minutes I confessed that I was heading to bed, to which she responded with a suggestion for a meditation on bringing together those of like thoughts and purpose.  I had been simultaneously in a similar metaphysical virtual conversation with a buddy of mine and went off to sleep with something to ponder, before being awoken to the rustling of my wife coming home at the midnight hour.  Whatever will be will be.  I carry on in my mission to inspire, empower and educate.

In common wealth,