The show ended at 5 pm and the roadies began tearing down the stage right up to 9 pm surviving what has been an ordeal of sorts.  Plantasia was a humbling, frustrating and rewarding experience all rolled into one.  The Association stripped us of our Best Garden – Large Exhibit to begin the day, although they did not ask us for the plaque that we’d been granted on Preview Night hosted by Buffalo Spree.  They claim that there was a computational error on the scoring sheets, that one score was doubled and the award should have actually gone to another exhibitor.  We’re 99% convinced that it was a retaliatory response after we had a sign made up to erect in our display “Best in Show”, which another notorious and perennial champion complained about as “deceiving.”  Politics as usual.  I kept my mouth shut and later emailed the Association offering to serve on the committee for next year’s show.  In any event, we did sell the greenhouse in an auction this afternoon and after a couple more hours in the morning we should be out of a major exposition.  I have several pages of viable leads to follow-up with seeking various products and services we demonstrated in our exhibit.

We had several guests come out to support us over the 4 days including my parents, aunt and uncle, sister, brother-in-law and brother.  In addition, I was able to meet some people offline whom I got to know through social networking online.  My friend Gail stopped in with a friend of hers, sharing some not so good news about the spread of tumors in her body.  I gave her a big hug and said that we need to hang out soon.  I also told her not to get any notions about the doom that the doctors may be portending and that she needs more time in nature along with surrounding herself in the company of loving people.  Nicole, who created an awesome video business card for us that we had playing on a laptop, came by shortly before closing time and we enjoyed a wonderful chat about the gardening services she requires as a barter.  We also talked about leadership development and bringing like-minded folks together to manifest a vision for sustainable living as a progression in human civilization.  I feel like some things that have been in my heart for many years are coming back around full circle.  Perhaps it is really joy that is welling up rather than sadness, and an inkling toward tears as a catharsis rather than a melancholic malaise.  In any event, my roots remain strong and my heart is open.

In common wealth,