After a couple good night’s sleep I’m near paying off the sleep deficit that began 2 weeks ago with St. Patrick’s Day festivities followed up by Plantasia.  I still feel as though I need a couple more early nights to bed without disruptions by pets or ex-spouses.  The night before last at the beach house I slept very deeply making progress toward rejuvenation.  It’s been one helluva few months coming off the job loss and dissolution of my marriage.  It is these trials and tribulations in life that make or break you.  And I didn’t come here to be broken.

In other news, we got our first offer on the house yesterday woo hoo!  Naturally, the buyer lowballed us and we counter-offered a few grand below the listing price.  We haven’t heard back yet to see if they’re serious about acquiring the cozy 3 bedroom cape we’ve called home the last several years.  I’ve never been one to get too attached to places or things, and although I am prone to emotional attachment to people, I like to think I am able to move forward in life with arms wide open.  I’m sure I will reflect back upon this residence and the experiences with a smile at some future point.  Right now I’m just eager to tie up the loose end.

It’s not as if the new-found freedom I have in the wake of a divorce is fantastic, at least in terms of meeting women.  Last night I met up for a beer and to watch the Sabres’ game with a woman I met through a dating site.  Julie is a really cool and vivacious person; however, she essentially talked at me for the entire 2 hours having perhaps asked me one or two questions.  She did confess at one point that she “hides behind her personality” and I admire the courage to be forthcoming.  I smiled as I sipped my beer and kept an eye on the game while listening.  I know that I can talk someone’s ear off and it was a nice reflection of my nature.

I’ll be heading up to The Fairgrounds shortly for our follow-up show, Springtime in the Country, more of an arts and crafts event than garden and landscape.  Nonetheless, we did generate several viable leads as the show opened yesterday evening.  With the cool wet weather I anticipate a decent crowd today.  I have a couple of appointments lined up for estimates and then I plan on making an appearance at the River Blues Fest along the Niagara River later in the day.  I may close out the day with another woman I’d met while working the tent party at The Irishman.  She invited me over to watch the NCAA tournament, which would be a fun low-key setting to chat while taking in Final Four action.  We’ll see how the day unfolds.

In common wealth,