Rise and shine on this Tuesday morning which has started off with a mild upset after logging into my online checking account and seeing a huge overdraft.  I managed to schedule the same large payment twice and have an email in to my account rep pleading for a quick fix to the situation.  Fortunately, I did set up overdraft protection covering the amount.  However, I’m not in a position to have a negative balance right now with resources more scarce than normal.  We haven’t heard back from the party who put an offer on the house last week since we counter-offered, so she may be moving on to other prospects.  We have a viewing scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and looking to build upon the momentum.  Dangling participles and loose ends are such a chore.

Last night I gathered with a handful of beautiful people as we’ve been doing the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month for over a year and a half now.  The discussions are always invigorating ranging from reality TV shows to bio-engineering to the ideal lifestyles we co-envision.  I was also introduced to a profound video blogger, VagabondSteve, who covers topics in audio-visual format much as I do in print.  Amongst us there is most certainly a theme, or commonality, that wealth is potent in the form of our intersecting friendships and overall wellness, not merely financial gain.  We may be moving from our Monday schedule to another day/ night and have left that to be determined.  There is something really special about gathering with a group of like-minded souls to commiserate, exchange ideas and share openly whatever one feels inclined to share.  It continues to be a blessing in my life.

I did have the thought last night that my blog is boring, perhaps lacking an element of entertainment.  I like to have fun as much as anyone else and do tend to get a bit serious, or deep, or heavy at times.  When I feel this trend I like to counteract it with humor and lighten up.  Entertainment, especially in the form of laughter is essential like vitamins and minerals.  Speaking of which, I was asked by a friend to attend a preview of American Reunion this evening.  She was comped passes from one of her yoga clients and extended the invitation quite generously to me.  I have several appointments lined up throughout the afternoon and it will be a pleasant way to conclude the day.

I had the notion to get to the gym this morning, but my muscles remain a bit sore from the day before last and feel it best to rest my weary body in anticipation of a long day of manual labor tomorrow.  My truck could use a thorough detailing so I think I’ll get up to the corner for a U-do wash and vac of the interior before my first appointment later this morning.  I have that anxious edge driving me to accomplish as much as possible within delineated time frames.  I need to loosen up a bit, breathe deeply and enjoy whatever the moment delivers.  Namaste.

In common wealth,