I managed to catch the sunset just as it peaked in orange magenta spectra and kissed the horizon.  I took a stroll down to the beach in a pair of crocs I’ve owned since picking them up in the Adirondacks on one of my “sabbaticals”, this one back in 2006.  The cottage I’d rented on 7th Lake was actually lined up by a friend who ended up flaking out on me, which was serendipitous allowing me to embrace the solitary refinement for several nights in the early summer.  As I recall my cousin’s first wife’s mother had passed away while I was gone and in my haste to get home in time for the funeral I got snagged by a State Trooper doing 85 in a 55.  Fortunately, he wrote me up for 70 and at just 15 miles over the limit I avoided suspension of my license.  I took it the easy the rest of the drive and missed the funeral.

This will be the second post of the day, which I hadn’t planned on until heeding an impetus to expel more of what’s on my mind and in my heart.  I am getting more and more feedback among a small, but growing readership.  My dear friend Amy described it nicely as “having a front row seat” sharing in the common thread of hopes and fears that unite us all.  Playoff hockey is on Direct TV with the Washington Capitals battling the Boston Bruins in the first round of the Stanley Cup.  If it had been our beloved Sabres in the contest I’d likely be watching in the company of family and friends while refraining from composing this entry.  It sucks when your team doesn’t advance to the post-season, but I’ve got plenty else requiring my attention right now.

I had a spark of inspiration earlier this afternoon after completing my phone calls and conducting business from the home office.  I text my mother that I was coming over to help them chop up the remainder of the fence I’d torn down a couple of weeks ago to haul it off to the curb for trash pickup.  I had it in mind to utilize some of the scrap wood to construct a compost bin for a friend who had created a video business card for the landscape website.  We had agreed to a trade of services and having a window of time I jumped to action.  I have the 3 sides built and what will be a gate awaiting assembly on site.  I’m no carpenter and am hoping my amateur craftsmanship appeases Nicole.  I’ll be delivering it tomorrow morning.

While stretching after a shower earlier Jack London came to mind.  I recall having read somewhere years ago that he’d written Call of the Wild while working 14 hour days as a bricklayer.  A quick Google search lead me to a biography making no mention of his employment in this trade, although there was a paragraph detailing his earnest writing as an alternative career path to the “dreaded factory life.”  Seems he was quite the renaissance man of his day at the turn of the 20th century, having married twice and once sailing across the Pacific in a 2 year period where he is credited with putting Hawaii on the map as a tourist destination.  He’s described as an autodidact, known as a socialist, yet had been fiercely individualist in his pursuits.  He was also an ardent support of women’s suffrage, yet believed that a man should take a wife of good breeding stock, over love.  He also held a passion for agriculture and introduced terracing upon his return from China.  Tragically, he died at just 40 years of age from kidney failure.  I feel as though he’s a kindred spirit and I suspect he’d be someone I’d embrace as a mentor.

I’m looking forward to a deep night of sleep after a somewhat turbulent sleep beside my ex-wife.  I still notice a hesitation to refer to her as an “ex” not because the divorce is incomplete, but because the bond is not fully severed.  Even now as I type I feel it tug on my heartstrings.  The last several days were like ripping the bandage off of an infection allowing oxygen in to sterilize the wound.  There’s still some scabbing, but at least now it is healing.  I realize I was in some degree of denial about the circumstances continuing to cohabit and support her, as I pledged I would do through completion of graduate school.  She will be finished in a few short weeks and in a stronger position for employment in her field.  And I will be narrowing my focus to stabilizing my world which has been turned upside down.

In common wealth,