I just got home from a splendid visit with friends out in northern Cattaraugus County at their abode nestled in a forested hillside where today we celebrated their little boy Henry Oak’s 4th birthday.  On the drive out I had dropped by Turnbull Nursery to retrieve an order of bare root trees, a linden and 2 apples, saving Mark & Courtney a trip northward.  Several adults and children were enjoying a mild spring evening as the skies gave way to sunshine following rain showers earlier in the afternoon.  Shortly after arrival I made my way into the woods for a walk hiking to their property line at the top of the hill.  I felt the need to immerse myself in the nurturing energy breaking a sweat as I reached the peak and continued to wander onto neighboring property through raspberries and wild rose.  The bugs were out in fury and if it is any indication of what’s ahead the insect repellant manufacturers are going to have record sales this season.  It felt good to walk it off as I emerged from the hardwoods onto the road and back to the party.

It’s Sunday night and I’m here at the house feeling uneasy about sleeping in what had been considered my home.  My spirit has synced up so well with the lake that is now where my heart resides.  Given the hour and the fact that I’d just be turning back around this way in the morning it makes little sense to commute.  The house is quiet and increasingly barren as items continue to get packed in preparation for an imminent move.  We lowered our asking price down another 5 grand and now that Easter and spring breaks are wrapping up am hopeful for more activity from would-be buyers.  On the walk in the woods I reminded myself that I need to allow things to unfold accordingly and to rush any of this only demonstrates my resistance to what is, and in so doing results only in suffering.  I need to feel every bit of what is going on right now and embrace the transformation.

I now have Internet access wherever I am able to pick up mobile phone service thanks to my buddy Al who installed tethering software on my laptop.  This means I can linger at the beach to conduct business rather than having to run back to the house every morning.  I had popped in en route to the birthday party and we visited for a few minutes while he uploaded the files.  As we waited for the installation he played a song that he’d written, Spuds, as part of a new project including my man Critt on keys.  It was inspired by his younger brother’s battle with opiate addiction and the lyrics struck me deeply.  I almost felt as though the song was for me, though not battling a drug addiction, I can relate to the sense of helplessness and grieving.  I was grateful to share the moment and made a hasty departure allowing him to recover from a cold while getting a move on to the nursery to grab the trees before closing time.

The week ahead may allow for some much-needed rest and recharging, although there are always things to do.  The landscape in Kenmore is likely on hold for a week while we await Ben to install the concrete curb.  I have something lined up to assist a friend with planting and seeding the lawn at his mother’s home in Orchard Park later in the week.  And there is now the need to ramp up activity on social media for the summer camp fundraiser to drive donations via the recently launched website.  I’ve also got a potentially major project in the works for which bits and pieces continue to arise, most recently the prospect of a closing business in a remote wooded area serving as the location for a proposed holistic health institute.  It is a concept I’d been considering a decade ago and has come back around with several synchronous meetings and chats of late.  In some respects I wonder if I hadn’t created all of this mess just so I’d know without any doubt that the road less traveled is my destiny.  Learning from experience is the only way to acquire wisdom.  Knowledge is only power when applied with conviction.

In common wealth,