I was invited to a group meditation at the Tri-Main Center this evening and despite persistent follow-up from Maura I opted for solitary refinement once again.  Being immersed in the solidarity of nature is the best medicine right now.  I just emerged from an Epsom salt soak in the tub including an a capella improv performance as lyrics flowed into “Om’s” bellowing out from deep within.   It was a much-needed release from all the pent-up emotion in recent days, although the headache persists that began with a cup of coffee after lunch.  The caffeine spirit is a strong one to dance with and for now the alcohol spirit remains quiet.  I did enjoy a dark IPA at the birthday party yesterday, of notably higher quality than a Genny Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Perhaps I will just need to upgrade the quality and reduce the quantity when it comes to vices.  A bold fresh ground organic French roast awaits me in the morning.

The lake was littered with whitecaps as a strong cold front passes through the area, minus the forecasted thunderstorms thus far.  To her credit Mela fought against the 30 mph gusts overcoming the shale-ridden shoreline up into the adjacent woods where spring peepers sang in unison from a minor stream emptying into the lake.  Upon arrival I had mowed the lawn for the second time this season before meeting up with Nick to collect my share of the compensation for recent efforts.  First thing in the morning I hope to retrieve a plant list from a local grower for the job underway in Kenmore.  If everything goes well Ben will have the curb installed the following day and we can wrap up the final stages of mulching and laying sod before the weekend with soggy conditions in the long-range outlook.

Today was a bit tense juggling various projects including sending out over 1,000 social media invitations for The Night of Champions and promoting with individual follow-up confirmations to anyone I could identify online.  Chris called while I was soaking and I presume he wants to touch base on the status of the activity.  I’d began the day with a hearty breakfast of eggs, home fries and rye toast at Peg’s Place where I bumped into Ben along with one of his real estate clients, whom I recognized and recalled that years ago we had attempted to work out a deal to transplant a couple of black locusts from his property in the Boston hills to the Elmwood Village for a customer seeking immediate shade benefit on the south side of his office building.  I sat down with Tony and Ben for a few minutes to catch up as Tony shared with me how he’d married the woman he’d been with for over a decade, and whose children stood up in their wedding, only to have her seek a divorce a month later.  He went on to say that he’s now semi-retired from a very successful construction business and that a couple of years hence she had asked him to reconcile, only to deny her request.  He said he was happy with his new life and besides the fact she’s a smoker and he hates cigarettes.  I got a kick out of that saga.

The Washington Capitals just broke a scoreless deadlock late in the 1st period versus the higher-seeded Boston Bruins in Game 3 action.  Among other business in motion today I contacted the owners of a restaurant/ spa facing an imminent close.  I spoke with David who explained that the last day their doors will be open is this Sunday culminating with a vegan buffet.  He divulged that the lawyers are sorting out the foreclosure initiated by an erstwhile investor from Ireland and that they’ve got hopes to re-open Minty Wellness with new, as yet undetermined investors.  I have it in mind to propose the holistic health institute concept to them and may venture out to Genesee County on Sunday for the last supper.  It’s yet another symbol of death and with it rebirth.

Jesus said we must die unto ourselves and be reborn, or something to that effect.  I’m not one to rely too heavily on texts for guidance in life, preferring instead the living word and my personal experiences to provide the lessons and direction I need.  Nonetheless, there is some universal wisdom throughout both testaments that can be applied to this present day.  As daunting and downright excruciating as it can be to undergo carnal transformation, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Nothing in life that is static survives for long and I value life.  As difficult as it can be, the gifts of this human experience in the world of form are numerous.  I think it was Frank Zappa who said, “In a fight between you and the world, back the world.”  It’s not that the world is right and you are wrong, or that the world is greater than you, though it may be.  What I interpret this statement to mean, rather, is that in letting go we are relieved of suffering.  Save the energy you would use to fight and instead channel it inward to clear lingering resistance.  In this way you can be the change you seek in the world.