My appetite has been insatiable of late as I just finished grazing the snacks in the frig and cupboards left behind by my folks- potato chips, sharp cheddar cheese and an avocado- all this despite devouring a veggie burrito bowl from Chipotle before making my way here to the lake house.  I’m still not feeling much inclined to consume alcohol, although a cold Miller High Life in the bottle to wash down the forage is refreshing.  I’m also consuming a lot more caffeine in recent days having made myself a cup upon arrival, and I’ve had a bit of a headache for a couple of days so it certainly is not related to withdrawal.  Although I do notice a more pleasant reaction to the organic fresh ground bean in comparison to conventional mass-produced coffee at the local drive-thru.

I confess that I’m well outside my comfort zone doing this freelance gig that I’d often romanticized when confined to my call center cubicle.  I am a creature of habit and crave structure, which had been available in abundance working for a large bureaucracy.  Yet, I feel much more alive now than I had when tied down to a schedule set by an employer.  I can recall many agonizing evenings fighting fatigue as I’d move well beyond my peak performance earlier in the shift.  My life is now an adventure with a precarious flow that is unnerving, and at once liberating.  I still fret over cashflow, just as I had when I enjoyed a salary, and yet I continue to have my basic needs met as I initiate projects in exchange for compensation.  Many would say it is “risky” to leave your day job and embark upon an entrepreneurial path, and I cannot disagree.  However, in this information age with accelerated change on a global scale stasis is most risky.  If you don’t see what you’re made of when the shit hits the fan you won’t stand a chance of coping and adapting in this new age.

Tomorrow Ben and I will install the curb for the customer in Kenmore with intentions to wrap up the remainder of the job on Thursday.  He had been debating given the temperatures near the threshold for sufficiently curing the concrete.  I will have to push back another gig scheduled with a friend in OP, weather-permitting, to Friday.  Nick sold a small sod installation to the neighbor and the challenge will be getting all the materials- plants, soil, mulch and sod- to the site with just one truck and trailer.  I was able to retrieve all but the ornamental grasses from a couple of growers in Eden.  I met the owner, Joe, of Lilac Creek farm and Bob from Turnbull Nursery, both of whom were kind enough to offer a wholesale discount despite not having the required paperwork.  I want to get this one finished not just to collect the balance due, but also to focus my energies on the next gig.  I like checking things off the to-do list, and when there are many items in the hopper it can be a mental burden.  It is also a blessing to have business and I am grateful.

On the ride here I spoke with the promotions coordinator for the fundraiser regarding booking music for the event.  Joe was open to a jazz/blues ensemble to appease the older crowd expected to be in attendance supporting City Kids @ Summer Camp.  I reached out to my man Critt and left him a voice mail to see if he’d be interested in some exposure for his talents and a worthy cause on a volunteer basis.  I also made tentative plans with Nicole to visit the restaurant/ spa on Saturday and explore the possibility for a collaborative venture.  There is no shortage of activity in my life, personally and professionally, and so I cherish any opportunity for solitude to reflect and process it all.

I had an engaging conversation with my buddy Matt while sipping the organic coffee and we covered a wide range of topics as usual from conspiracy theory to business endeavors to spirituality.  He also touched upon this blog to which he’s been subscribed since nearly the beginning and has been enjoying like the daily newspaper.  It was a fine compliment from someone for whom I have deep respect.  He encouraged me to continue toward a potential book concept and referred me to a mutual friend as a possible editor should I do so.  A recent email from WordPress described the process for converting a blog into a book, and a follow-up email today emphasized the importance of growing your readership by making it easy for new readers to subscribe while engaging them by making the comments feature conversational in nature.  The focus to date has been on simply expelling and compiling content, and if it is my intention to publish and circulate a book it would behoove me to employ these suggestions sooner than later.

In Common Wealth,