Though the house will be vacant tonight as my ex-wife notified me that she will be sleeping elsewhere still I felt the impetus to come out to the lake.  She called to me and her surface is as placid as I’ve seen, though forecasters are calling for a cold front to pass through overnight with much-needed rain as temps will dip from the 70’s to the 40’s, and there was even mention of the “S” word in the longer range forecast.  I feel like I may be over the somewhat tumultuous and traumatic episode I’ve experienced ever since about Easter Sunday.  And I may even be over the pain of a failed marriage, although it could just be a hurdle among others ahead.  As she was departing this evening I asked if she was heading over to her boyfriend’s to which she replied curtly, “Yep.”  It didn’t even elicit so much as a raised eyebrow.  Overall I am feeling calm, if not exhausted.

I put in a good day’s labor once again assisting my friend Mark with a landscape makeover at his mother’s beautiful abode in Orchard Park.  We moved 6 tons of boulders and 6 yards of topsoil before lunch, with the help of a hydraulic machine thankfully. Nonetheless maneuvering the mineral masses into place to form a contiguous border in preparation for planting required immense exertion, as did raking out several thousand square feet of lawn area.  Mark commented at one point that he was going to pause and take a break but had watched as I went from one task to the next, so he did his best to keep pace.  I informed him that I have one setting when it comes to manual labor and that is full throttle.  He was impressed as I went on to explain that I also enjoy taking a good long siesta when called to do so.

His mother took us out to lunch in the village where we enjoyed a feast at Don Tequila, replete with tortilla chips and salsa appetizer followed by a sizzling entrée of vegetarian fajitas.  We were all in agreement that the meal was more than satiating and quite pleasing to the taste.  From there we made our way over to Murray Brothers just off 20A to retrieve plant material and grass seed.  Mark ordered a delivery of mulch and more topsoil to prepare another bed along the driveway for planting.  We picked out some fine specimens- Azalea, Rhododendron, Japonica, Holly and several other varieties of shrubs and perennials to add interest to the new landscape.  As we stood back at the end of the day to appreciate what we’d done his mother expressed sincere gratitude.  I explained that I did them a favor offering my services at a discount while scoring wholesale pricing on materials because they’re good people, and I like to help good people.  We have a couple more hours to put the finishing touches on the job tomorrow when the mulch and soil are delivered in the afternoon.

The Penguins and Flyers are battling in Game 5 action of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs and I could be celebrating 4.20 with some of my favorite peeps who reached out to me on a couple of occasions to extend an invitation.  Yet my aching body and heavy eyes tell me that some solitary refinement and early to bed are in tall order.  I was also invited out to join some other friends for dinner in East Aurora and respectfully declined.  I’m feeling more social than I have been in a couple of weeks, although fatigue is leading me to rest.  I can feel my muscles gaining strength from the strain of heavy labor, like training for a triathlon, although I’ve never done so I’m confident this sort of activity would be an excellent component to a successful regimen.  The shoulder remains strong provided I am mindful to relieve it of any exceptional burden from lifting, raking and shoveling.  A few more weeks of this and I’ll have a hard body for summer.

There isn’t much work booked for me after this OP job, although I know my schedule abhors a vacuum and I’m certain that more opportunity is on the way, if not landscaping then something else to contribute value and receive compensation for such in return.  I’m open to whatever the Universe is conspiring to deliver.  I’m wide open with gratitude for the many blessings that like to come disguised as crises.  I’m moving into new territory where being is the aim and doing is incidental.  It matters not what I do for a living, rather it is how I am living that counts most.  Put that in your one-hitter and smoke it beyotch.

In common wealth,