I’m not feeling especially inspired at the moment to write and feeling a heaviness in the energy on this Earth Day 2012, perhaps a premonition of what meteorologists are forecasting later tonight through tomorrow with a late season winter storm.  I’m waiting for a pair of jeans tumbling in the drier before I head out on some errands including paying a bill and picking up an extension cord followed by filling the gas cans for the generator should we lose power tomorrow.  Later today I have dinner at my sister and brother-in-law’s home along with my brother and parents.  I’m undecided if I will spend the night here or at the lake house, playing it by ear as I split time and serve as a caretaker for 2 residences.

The showing we had yesterday at Noon canceled and my wife has not been home since she vacated the premises Friday night.  I suspect she is enjoying the company of whomever has invited her into their space.  The house is becoming a burdensome matter with a past due mortgage payment and upkeep as I continue this transition forward.  I’m eager to be free of the responsibility and focus my energy on new endeavors.  There is much to consider personally and professionally as I align myself increasingly with like-minded people in sharing the wealth of our bonds.  I’m contending with a bit of a head fog despite a solid night’s sleep.

We finished up the woodland garden in Orchard Park yesterday despite a steady rain that was supposed to have cleared out by morning.  I was none too pleased working in the damp, cold conditions with mud-caked boots, shovels and wheelbarrows.  Mark & I endured the undesirable circumstances for a couple of hours and the final result was nothing short of spectacular as his mother was visibly pleased.  I gave her my bill for labor and she generously doubled the pay recognizing the value she’d received at a fraction of the standard rate.  I told her it is always a pleasure to work for good people.

After hitting the showers and rinsing off the mulch and dirt I headed to the lake house joined by my brother to take in some playoff hockey.  We watched 3 games to completion and started the late game in Phoenix before I told him I had to retire for the evening utterly exhausted.  It was a nice opportunity to hang and chat about dating, sports and the landscaping he needs done at his house in Williamsville.  I’m going to stop by there this afternoon before dinner to assess what is required to complete the job.  Helping family in any way possible is inspiring to me.  Love thy neighbor.

In common wealth,