Thus far the surprise has been pleasant as the precipitation from this late season Nor’easter remains more rain than snow falling from a darkened sky.  I just got back from breakfast at Peg’s Place and am on hold waiting for a customer service representative to confirm rewards mileage on my account that I have earmarked for round-trip airfare to Dallas in August where a business conference will be conducted.  I have been rather idle in the energy deregulation business for a few months and in attending Ambition I anticipate a much-needed revival in accelerating leadership development for business growth in all my endeavors.  Tomorrow I have an appointment to review the opportunity with a friend at a local cafe and if she joins my business it will serve to ignite momentum.  If not, it’s still an opportunity to forge a new connection, which is always a plus.

Last night I enjoyed a hearty meal with family as my sister and brother-in-law served up generous portions of beer can chicken, sautéed veggies, tater tots and ginger bread along with cherry pie for desert.  The laughter was equally generous as we indulged in our own twisted sense of humor queuing up Epic Rap Battles on You Tube before dinner and continuing with the very adult humor through the meal.  There was talk of anal leakage from the Wow Doritos that my mother had stocked in the cabinet years ago due its olestra as a fat substitute, followed by joking about an alternative prescription for my brother in dealing with the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, taking Cialis as an 8 hour erection is sure to distract you from the pain of aching joints.  During dessert I grabbed the Redi-Whip can and pretended to read from the label “Warning: Use only as directed. Caution for those with arthritis and hemorrhoids.”  My sister immediately snatched the can out of my hands to verify the content on the label and chuckled once she realized I was teasing.  We even rationalized my father’s consumption of booze suggesting he skip the wine and instead drink vodka straight up to reduce his sugar intake, which exacerbates diabetic symptoms.  It was good medicine to make light of health challenges.  Although doing so fully aware that auto-immune disorders are not to be taken lightly, laughter is very healing.

Seems to be a growing consensus of unrest if not disgust among the citizenry of the United States of America.  Where there is a lack of consensus is on how to address the widening gap between those in positions of political power, and those who are supposedly represented by these elected officials.  The line between public and private sector has become increasingly blurred as campaigns are funded and votes influenced by cash-flush lobbyist groups working on behalf of the global multinational corporations.  With the recent advent of the Occupy Wall Street movement we have a sizeable contingent claiming to represent the 99% against the imbalanced interests of the upper 1% in terms of representation and influence upon lawmakers.  Political factions organize and mobilize only to be placated by cutting deals with those they are mislead to trust in gaining support.

While I am certainly under no illusions that our current form of government is to be entrusted with the will of the people, I have my reservations about fighting the establishment.  Historically, there may have been battles won and yet here we are centuries after the founding of this fine nation with an order of rule quite akin to the oppression the colonists had fled from Great Britain.  It only goes to show that what we resist persists and the only true power of change must be in the hearts and minds of individuals gathering in solidarity.  So long as we are divided and stratified by class, race or ideology we the people will invariably find ourselves under the thumb of fascism.  We must take full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions in awakening to our true nature as divine creations.  To give up all hope for change, or to rise up in any form of resistance to what is, only makes us a victim.  It is only in embracing with loving acceptance all parts of ourselves and this world we so abhor that transformation may occur.  And in so doing the generations to come will truly inherit the wealth of the meek.

In common wealth,