The models clearly let meteorologists down as the nor’easter hyped to be an epic late season winter storm has vacated the region leaving little behind other than some much-needed moisture for lawns and gardens.  I awoke on my Matt & Amy’s sofa quite groggy after staying up until the wee hours of the morning sipping wine and belting out karaoke on You Tube including epic renditions of Imagine, Stand By Me and an encore to close out the evening with Hallelujah as I provided the harmony while Laura carried the tune beautifully in key.  The focus earlier in the evening was on gathering to take in some Tolle TV drawing wisdom from a master of awareness in the present moment.  Eckhart had a guest join him, Geneen Roth, author of Women, Food and God – An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything.  She was delightfully radiant describing her transformation through struggles with food obsession and an extreme financial loss as a victim of the Bernie Madoff investment fraud.  Our suffering offers us doorways to awaken and in this view, or re-framing of a perceived negative circumstance, we may return to innocence as we embrace more fully all that we experience as spiritual beings in human form.  Much was shared in conversation following the talk including some of our own very personal challenges, upsets and insights.  I remarked how much wealth there is in surrounding ourselves with like-minded people helping us grow and prosper during this accelerating time of global change.

I just returned from a splendid visit over coffee with my new friend Amy who is visiting her hometown here in Western New York.  She expressed an interest in the energy business and we both took the opportunity to forge a connection.  She splits time between here and Edmonton, Alberta where she’s built a successful consulting business in marketing and editing affording her a flexible schedule so her son can spend time with his father and her relatives.  Turns out she is in a similar space of taking inventory and re-evaluating her life, as am I, peering ahead into the infinite unknown with poise about future possibilities in business, residence and community.  We did review the business opportunity and she is open to consider it, though understandably not willing to commit just yet as variables remain with unassigned values in the equation of life.  Prior to our meeting she had enjoyed a lakeside view listening to the radio in her car only to drain down the battery.  I offered to give her a jump and when I dropped her off the Subaru started right up.  She was nonetheless grateful that I offered assistance and we made tentative plans to meet up again in the near future.

I’m considering going to the gym this afternoon before meeting up with a friend for dinner later in the day.  I’ve got to call in and reserve a jack hammer to help my father bust up some concrete steps tomorrow in preparation for the new deck that’s going to be installed.  There’s a couple leads on the house that I was able to generate on my own via social media channels, including a lease option or land contract scenario should this sluggish housing market persist.  It would help to get some pleasant spring weather like we’ve been spoiled with in recent weeks to coax homebuyers into shopping more actively.  All in good time according to the precise functioning of this awesome , incomprehensible Universe.

In common wealth,