I’m exhausted following a long, though productive day of networking at the Forever Young Health Expo where I assisted my friend Chris with setting up and marketing his chiropractic business.  I put on a company golf shirt and repped for several hours driving several folks to schedule appointments with Dr. Z at his office in West Seneca while also making my rounds collecting business cards and commiserating with other vendors.  There’s something to bringing people of like-mind together and I can see this trend emerging with a particular emphasis in recent weeks.  I once heard a shaman defined in such a way, one who brings others together.  My mother is definitely a shaman within our large extended family.  As I keep my focus on where I can be of service finances will sort itself out.  So what if the mortgage is past due and we haven’t a prospective buyer come to see the house in a week.  I’m too blessed to be stressed.

The Senators are battling to tie up a decisive Game 7 versus the Rangers as the NFL draft is taking place with precious first-round picks hoping to have an impact in their rookie season with their respective pro teams.  I am really starting to dig where I’m at and where my path is unfolding.  It’s not that I have any particular sense of certainty about things, and in surrendering to the mystery life becomes more of an adventure than a repetitive chore.  I go by how I feel and I’m feeling more aligned with my purpose, or mission, to inspire, empower and educate, than I have in quite some time.  Suffering has a way of refining us as we learn to let shit go.  None of this matters and it’s all just a dream.  Sadly, we’ve allowed this beautiful journey to become something of a nightmare in separating ourselves from the infinite source within.

Tomorrow I’ve got some time earmarked for my brother to help him with installing a new landscape at his home in Williamsville.  I’m also going to the grocery store to re-stock empty cupboards and a refrigerator at the house as my wife and I prepare for the final stages of our divorce.  She will be taking over all her own bills in the next couple weeks and has been in a full on job search since finishing up her Master’s degree last week.  I recall the many man-hours spent proof-reading and re-wording many of her written submissions.  I take some pride in knowing I helped her graduate with honors, not to mention having supported her financially and emotionally through the ordeal.  I still feel some sadness at times when I hear a certain song on the radio, or randomly recall a special moment we shared.  Well I used to lover her, but it’s all over now.

In common wealth,


“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

— Zig Ziglar: Motivational author and speaker