I just finished up dinner with my folks as we indulged in pizza sitting fireside here at the lake house.  My mother shared gleefully the progress she and my father made on some projects and plans including stripping the porch railing to prepare for a fresh coat of paint, a new faucet for the kitchen sink (which I will likely wind up installing) and their decision on a color theme for the exterior- yellow with white and blue trim.  They thanked me for keeping the place up in their stead and I responded that it’s the least I can do for use of the space as I continue this transitional period.  It may be corny but I know I’m blessed to have such a healthy, mature relationship with my parents.  Later tonight we’ll be watching a sappy chick flick, so I’m told, The River Why which upon a Google search actually sounds like an interesting story and one that has some degree of relevance for me at this juncture.

Earlier today I joined Matt & Amy together with some of their family for a luncheon to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.  It was a last-minute invite as Amy had a couple of cancellations paving the way for Matt & I to join the women.  I had intentions to either help out with a beach clean-up or go on a wild edible walk until I was serendipitously asked to tag along.  A crowd of about 300 predominately females crammed into the Polish Falcons banquet room where we spent several hours spoiled by a dessert buffet and a meal including cheesy pasta in a red sauce, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and French Onion chicken with a tossed green salad to compliment the carbolicious spread.  The opening words from the son of a late mother who lost her battle with cancer provided an inspiring tone as he shared a poem entitled, Attitude, which reminded us that life is much more about how we respond to what’s happening than it is the circumstances we find ourselves in.  I contributed a few spare dollars for the Chinese auction and split raffle, though I went home empty-handed I certainly did not leave with an empty stomach.  There is solace in gathering with others who are up against the odds and it’s always a gift to commune with good-hearted people.

Tomorrow I’ve got a few things on the agenda including mowing the lawn, looking into a land contract as an alternative to selling the house, transplanting some shrubs and the grand finale for the day participating in an ancient purification ceremony up on the reservation at a place very dear to my heart.  Eh Khweh Heh Weh Center for Learning, located on the Tuscarora Nation, is where I’ve had some of my most profound insights and growth over the last 15 years.  I’ve also forged some amazing friendships having crossed paths with many wonderful souls and while some have come and gone over the years, they all remain with a special feeling in my heart.  I anticipate much laughter around the sacred fire and certain to hear some great wisdom once inside the lodge from master of ceremonies Tahwehdahqui who will be pouring as he has for 3 decades.  The sun is nearly set over the lake and I feel the call to head down to the shore before darkness overtakes the waning daylight.  Never underestimate the power of love.

In common wealth,